Media Continues To Bury Paris Riots News Coverage. Here’s Why.

paris riots sniper

President Macron deploys snipers during Paris riots

Paris is burning. The Paris riots are some of the worst civil conflicts we’ve seen in decades. Snipers are sitting atop buildings, spying protesters through tactical scopes (yep, I bet you had no idea).

It’s a civil war.

But for some reason, the media is overtly silent over the issue. Yes, the media is reporting it, but in almost a vanilla, non-urgent mannerism.

This morning, the French government suspended utility hikes and a fuel tax that “seemed” to be at the heart of the riots. Protesters called the move a “first step” and vowed to carry onward with their protests.

“No tax is worth putting the nation’s unity in danger,” said Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

The French government’s appeasement of protesters, at least in minimalistic terms, should be a global, international story of great importance. However, the media’s coverage of the Paris riots has been to consistently bury it. They report it, but hardly above the fold.

And that’s the case this morning. CNN doesn’t even have the latest Paris information involving groundbreaking news that the Parisian government has mildly conceded to protesters anywhere above the fold. In fact, their main story is negative Trump news, followed by a celebration of former President George H. W. Bush (now the greatest unifier in modern history), and a college football coach’s retirement announcement.

paris riots cnn

I don’t believe that the Paris riot news is anywhere on the page. Being honest, I skimmed through and utilized CTRL F. Maybe its there under another headline? In case you were wondering, Kanye West is in a fight with Cher, that’s a main headline below the fold. Good on that.

MSNBC presents an equally odd admission of the news as well. With one exception, Kanye vs. Cher is the lead (Thank Goodness!).

msnbc paris riots

Reuters, a more legitimate news source, rotates the latest Paris riots news in their main headlines of the day.

paris riots reuters

Fox News is hardly covering it on their main site, but it is a rotating story on their business network television segments.

Fox News is focused on the Bush funeral and whatever CNN panelists said about Trump yesterday.

Hundreds of thousands of people have protested the French government, burning cars into ashes on what are some of the most beautiful streetsides in the world. They’ve organized, they’ve threatened, and now they can taste some blood following a “cease fire” type concession of the tax hike and utility price hike.

So what’s the problem? Why are many major networks, predominately networks that adhere to liberal bias, avoiding giving the Paris story appropriate exposure?

The Paris Riots Are About Climate Change

paris riots sniper
President Macron deploys snipers during Paris riots


The Paris riots are a response to increased taxation for the purposes of appeasing government climate change agendas.

“As part of his environmental policy strategy, French President Emmanuel Macron announced a green tax on fuel last month to go into effect Jan. 1,” NPR reported last Monday.

Major networks immediately reported the ensuing riots as “opposition to fuel tax hikes,” which wasn’t a falsehood. The problem is that the narratives weren’t wholly honest, either.

CNN doesn’t want to report that a growing sentiment against climate change policy fleecing is erupting in one of the world’s most prestigious cities. Let’s not give any Americans any ideas, we wouldn’t want anyone to ‘dig deeper into climate change fleecing.’

Almost 300,000 protesters disrupted the city of Paris immediately following the announcement.

Protesters set cars on fire lighting up the skies above Paris and causing tourists to feel unsettled.

The protesters want the Parisian government to completely repeal the green tax. Additionally, they want President Emmanuel Macron to resign and some protesters called for an increase in minimum wage.

Macron Targeting Rioters With Snipers

This is a war. It’s a civil war. The extinction of media coverage doesn’t’ take anything away from this fact.

Macron is using snipers to target rioters.

That’s war.

France Is Turning On Political Elites

Trump, Brexit, Brazil’s President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister Salvini, all serve as examples of major countries experiencing revolutions.

Last month, Salvini went head-to-head with the EU which denounced and threatened him over Italy’s budget. The media hardly covered.

The media moderately covered Bolsonaro’s Presidential victory in Brazil, but not nearly in a proportional manner we’d expect, considering that massive ramifications. Bolsonaro, shortly after his victory, announced the Brazilian embassy would move to Jerusalem.

paris riots
Paris swat teams rush protesters in tactical gear.

Brexit was the original revolt narrative, it was widely covered by the media. At the time, the media likely felt the people would lambaste U.K. voters who voted for the policy. They were right, but not nearly as right as they initially thought they’d be. Support for Brexit grew online, people came out of the dark to voice their support for the move.

Now the people of France are revolting and the media is nowhere to be found. The media doesn’t want to assume the risk that many people are fed up with heavy taxation and socialists policies.

It is 1,000 percent unreasonable to believe that Kanye West fighting with Cher is somehow more relevant news than French officials temporarily conceding to nearly 300,000 taxation protesters. But that’s the case. That’s what’s happening. It is undeniable.

The media is intentionally hiding one of the most dramatic and important revolts in modern history. They aren’t just hiding it, but they are riding salacious news stories, such as college football coach retirements and Kanye West-Cher melodramas, to literally distract us.

The George H. W. Bush funeral, of course, gives media conglomerates an excuse to “not lead” with Paris news, but it doesn’t give an excuse for complete dismissal.

If you look at CNN today, its as if the Parisian riots don’t exist.

The Media’s Paris Riots Vanishing Act Has Lowered Social Media Trending Potential

The latest Paris news isn’t trending on Twitter. Your friends won’t likely share this news on Facebook.

But truth be told, this isn’t about censorship, rather, lack of exposure.

When every major news site in the world is avoiding Paris riot coverage, its difficult for the story to trend.

The News Continues To Win (While The Rest Of Us Lose)

The news is fed up with citizens who want change. This is because these global results have been more palpable than the media ever thought they’d be. In other words, things have gotten real.

Trump’s Presidential campaign was an absolute joke (until it wasn’t). The media blames Russia for Trump and now has taken the helm to feed us daily negative Trump news as a reaction. In other cases (Paris, Italy, etc.), the news finds it better to simply bury the stories so that they never become legitimate trending narratives.

This isn’t about Trump being a great President, I don’t agree with all of his policies. This is about a flagrantly out of control news media that’s serving only to divide the world and help greedy politicians conquer us. How do they do this? They choose what they expose us to, what they don’t expose us to, and what biases they deploy.

Author: Jim Satney

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