Philly Schools May Conduct Door to Door Vaccine Checks

philly school district vaccines

The Philadelphia school district says that it may resort to home visits for the unvaccinated if numbers don’t rise. This past summer, district officials contacted parents of unvaccinated kids by text, phone, and letters in the mail. However, they say that with Monday’s vaccination deadline upon them, they may begin going door to door.

The District says that kids were given 60-day padding to obtain at least a religious, medical or philosophical exemption, but many have failed to do so. The district’s chief officer, Karyn Lynch, told that at least 3,600 kids are non-compliant. She now claims the only choice left may be personal contact with each family. The district claims it’s done all it can, including setting up a vaccine hotline that allows parents fast information regarding what’s needed for vaccine compliance.

“We are working extremely hard to ensure that not a single child is unable to attend school,” Lynch said.

Some school nurses claim that a rule which bans sending unvaccinated kids home is harming the overall vaccine numbers. The nurses believe that by sending unvaccinated kids home, parents are pressured into obtaining the missing vaccines.



Author: Jim Satney

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