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Pinterest Bans GreenMedInfo For Threat To ‘Public Safety’

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Pinterest Bans GreenMedInfo For Threat To ‘Public Safety’

Several natural health websites, including Greenmedinfo.com, are accusing the social media platform Pinterest of censorship. Greenmedinfo says that the large social media platform sent out a notice of terminated services last week.

Sayer Gi, Greenmedinfo’s founder, says that the termination email stated “your linked website violated our misinformation policy. This policy includes things like promotion of false cures for terminal or chronic illnesses, and anti-vaccination advice.”

Gi posted the full termination email online, as well as in a newsletter sent out to his subscriber base.

pinterest banning health sites

Assuming this is legitimate, I have no reason to believe otherwise, the problems with such activity are mind-numbing and infinite.

Let’s forget about your feelings over vaccines, anti-depressants, or cold medicine. None of that matters. What does matter is our freedom to exchange information.

Yet, here we find ourselves once again, in the clutches of big tech censorship.

The ‘Private Company’ Excuse Is Enslaving Us To State Approved Information

pinterest censorship

Big tech companies continue to cull out content at an alarming rate.

Pinterest is a private company. They can do what they want. But at what point does the herd realize we are being duped? That our rights to freedom of speech are rotting away under the constant scrutiny of moralist and virtue signaling technology companies.

Greenmedinfo is one of the web’s largest websites, it has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Does Pinterest feel that all these hundreds of thousands of people are simply not competent enough to make intelligent decisions about their health?

Because that’s exactly what Pinterest is saying.

Pinterest is blatantly stating that it is protecting people from “websites that promote advice where there may be immediate or detrimental effects on a Pinner’s health or on public safety.”

By this logic, hundreds of thousands of subscribers to Greenmedinfo are, in fact, in immediate danger. And Pinterest just did its part to save as many as it could. Pinterest complied with the State. Because, the State knows what is best for the herd.

Pinterest users aren’t enslaved to using Pinterest. They can leave. They can delete their accounts. But let’s be honest, how many common Pinterest users have any idea that the content they are looking at is being censored because Pinterest feels they aren’t smart enough to make intelligent decisions regarding their health?

I’m betting hardly any.

I’m further betting that if they did, they’d be none too happy. What type of person is OK with a corporation telling them they aren’t smart enough to be exposed to various types of information?

And what type of world are we living in if content that challenges the status quo is shut down for the sake of “safety and security?” The answer is, not a world worth living in. Greenmedinfo challenges pharmaceutical company and establishment medical information. You may agree with Greenmedinfo, you may not. But you should always realize that challenges to the status quo are part of vital checks and balances.

Disagreeable Content Is Healthy Checks And Balances

greenmedinfo banned

GreenMedInfo founder Sayer Gi has accumulated hundreds of thousands of followers over the past decade.

I happen to like Sayer’s website. That doesn’t mean I agree with everything the website’s writers post. But that’s not my point. I’m a supporter of all voices, perspectives, and information, no matter how I feel about those voices, perspectives, or information. I enjoy disagreeable content and perspectives. I’m American. That’s how this should work.

If big tech continues down its current path, the masses, which we are all a part of, will only be exposed to approved messaging. Look no further than the war on fat, the food pyramid, and the antibiotic collapse for evidence of how badly “approved messaging” would end for us. The war on fat met its demise due to the free exchange of information. Had today’s war on the free exchange of information existed back then, would you still be avoiding avocados, coconut oil, and olives?

These are relevant questions.

There is no doubt that the Internet can be ripe with snake oils and liars and scammers. But a free Internet means that a person is able to comb through all of the information and decide for themselves what’s right, what’s wrong. If the advice is snake oil, a free-flowing Internet will call it out. There is no need for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or Apple to “protect” us.

Big Tech Is Complicit In State Censorship

Big technology companies are attempting to put Greenmedinfo out of business, make no mistake about it. That’s the ultimate goal. They are motivated by large pharmaceutical company advertising dollars and mainstream acceptance.

Do you want big technology companies to decide what information is “safe” for you to read and watch?

Content Is Being Culled Daily While We Sleep At The Wheel

Big technology companies are banning all kinds of content far beyond just natural health. They are banning gun channels. They are banning world leader’s family members that they don’t agree with politically. They are banning political groups with millions of followers. Imagine, for a second, a Facebook group with over 3 million followers. That means at some point, over 3 million people decided they wanted to view that group’s content. And then Facebook decided the content simply wasn’t safe for those 3 million people. Really, really consider that…

A technology company decided that it was smarter than 3 million people in the world. It essentially took the position that over 3 million of us are too dumb to read content on the Internet. So Facebook made us “safer.”

This is a travesty. And it won’t end well. And many people will regret helping to grease up the slide for which the slippery slope now thrives. Because eventually, the State will censor your thoughts. These things never end like you think they will. Just ask the people of China (hint, you can’t ask them that, their lives would be placed at risk for answering).

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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