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Pittsburgh Mom Says Clinic Implanted Birth Control In 12-Year-Old Daughter Without Consent

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Pittsburgh Mom Says Clinic Implanted Birth Control In 12-Year-Old Daughter Without Consent

A Pittsburgh mother is livid after learning that a local clinic implanted a birth control device in her 12-year-old daughter’s arm. The Adagio Health Turtle Creek clinic claims it did not need parental consent to perform the procedure. However, the mother claims that her daughter was brought to the clinic by a woman against her will.

The Turtle Creek Police are investigating the claims.

The girl’s mother filed a report against the person who brought her daughter to the clinic. Police tell Pittsburgh’s CBS local that charges are likely to be formally filed by week’s end.

The suspect is said to be someone the family does know. The suspect will be named following the filing of charges.

The clinic that implanted the birth control device hasn’t made things easier for the mom, either.

“They told me that if I want [the birth control] removed, I had to call their corporate,” said Misty Evans, the mother of 12-year-old.

Schiller asked, “To get it removed before the year 2022?”

Evans replied, “Yes ma’am.”

The Evans family is concerned that the woman may strike again. They want to warn the community of the threat.

“If she did it to my daughter, who knows how many other children she has taken up here without parents’ consent?” Evans said.

Evans says her daughter is terrified following the procedure. She reportedly told her mom right after the procedure was done. Evans thought her daughter was attending school. She says her daughter is now sick from side-effects.

Worse more, doctors have expressed concern over the potency of the little girl’s implant.

“Two doctors at Children’s Hospital told me the birth control that is inserted in my daughter’s arm is for an adult. My daughter has hormones going through her right now [for] between an 18- and 19-year-old,” Evans said.

UPMC doctors have agreed to remove the implant this week.

Birth control implant side effects are common, particularly in the first year of use. Side effects such as headaches, weight gain, ovarian cyst, breast pain, and nausea, are typical.

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