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Pittsburgh Vandals Use Blood Red Caulk To Lock Restaurant Doors

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Pittsburgh Vandals Use Blood Red Caulk To Lock Restaurant Doors

If times aren’t already tough on restaurants around the nation, some Pittsburgh vandals are attempting to worsen things. Some local restaurants are finding a mysterious red substance caulked inside their door locks, preventing access through the doors.

Randa Ghassa’s restaurant, Jolina’s, located in Brookline, is one of four victims of the vandalism.

“COVID is hard on everyone. Everyone is going through a tough time, but we need to learn to stay together and support each other through this hard time and hopefully we’ll pass it,” Ghassa said to WPXI.

Several other businesses in the area have experienced the same vandalism. Police claim to have a suspect, however, they’ve not released names or a potential motive. However, given its restaurants, one must ponder the idea that this is sabotage that aims to prevent restaurants from opening. Restaurants in Allegheny County can open with a 25% capacity. The vandalism also comes amid threats from local bars and restaurants to defy Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s restaurant and bar capacity restrictions. It’s unclear if the vandalism is in any way tied to the coronavirus environment, however, it’s difficult to ignore the timing of events.

The president of Southwest Pa. Restaurant and Tavern Association, Rodney Ambrogi is currently leading the charge to defy Wolf’s orders. His entity sent a letter to Wolf’s office. If they don’t hear back by August 14th, he claims his group of restaurants will begin defying orders. If that happens, it’s possible that it could give rise to more conflict on various levels.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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