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Planned Parenthood Request Disney Princess Who’s ‘Had An Abortion’

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Planned Parenthood Request Disney Princess Who’s ‘Had An Abortion’

A few weeks ago, we reported on how the Frozen producers are contemplating (or dangling) the idea of making one of its main characters a lesbian. This week, it is Planned Parenthood’s Pennsylvania affiliate that’s advocating for change in Disney Movies. The Planned Parenthood affiliate is calling for Disney to make movies which feature a princess who has “had an abortion.”

They also added in the desire for a princess that’s an undocumented immigrant, one that’s pro-choice, a union worker, and a trans princess. Disney writers will be burning the midnight oil, it seems, but I’m confident the left-wing organization is up for the task.

We need a Disney princess who’s had an abortion

We need a Disney princess who’s pro-choice

We need a Disney princess who’s an undocumented immigrant

We need a Disney princess who’s actually a union worker

We need a Disney princess who’s trans

The Tweet, since deleted, was captured by a number of people and news organizations who then shared it with their own followers.

planned parenthood abortion

It appears the Tweet only made it two hours until Planned Parenthood pulled it down. The fact that it made it two hours is honestly compelling, all things considered. For two hours, not one person with common sense was able to encourage the organization to remove it? Or for two hours, Planned Parenthood’s affiliate felt strongly that they’d projected themselves in a positive way? Either way, it is troubling that anyone even considered this Tweet a decent idea.

How far have we fallen as a society? This is exactly what the elite are discussing behind closed doors with more vigor and more fury. This is incredibly concerning. What’s worse? Something tells me Disney would likely entertain such a concept.

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Author: Jim Satney

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