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Plastic Particles Found In Major Bottled Water Brands

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Plastic Particles Found In Major Bottled Water Brands

If you’ve ever wondered about the quality of your bottled water, you can stop wondering. Most likely, it’s terrible, at least if you go by a recent test that showed 250 different bottles purchased throughout the world contain a good dosing of plastic particles. If you don’t own the best survival water filter you can, you should seriously consider investing in one after reading this.

The research was accomplished by Orb Media, who unveiled some rather astounding plastic particle levels per bottled water. In the bottled waters examined, Orb Media found 10 plastic particles per liter. In case you are wondering, that’s more than a human hair’s worth of plastic likely ingested per bottle.

The bottled water companies that were subjected to testing are fighting back, claiming to the BBC that their “bottling plants were operated to the highest standards.”

Professor of chemistry at the university, Sherri Mason, carried out the study and told BBC News: “We found [plastic] in bottle after bottle and brand after brand.

“It’s not about pointing fingers at particular brands; it’s really showing that this is everywhere, that plastic has become such a pervasive material in our society, and it’s pervading water – all of these products that we consume at a very basic level.”

Mason also goes on to say that the findings are “not catastrophic, the numbers that we’re seeing, but it is concerning.”

Another justification for lowering the alarm levels over the findings is that many third world countries depend on bottled water as a cleaner source of water.

So who are the big brand offenders that were exposed in the study?

Aquafina, Evian, Dasani, San Pellegrino, Nestle Pure Life

In order to find the plastic contaminants in the bottled waters during the study, Mason’s team infused the bottles with Nile Red, which is a dye that quickly detects a presence of plastic. The dye will naturally stick to plastics and illuminate them.

bottled water plastic contaminates

Some of the plastic particles found in the bottled waters were robust enough for a researcher to pick up by hand, but more prevalent were the presence or more microbial sizes floating around.

Of all the various plastics found in the study, Polypropylene, which is used in bottle caps, was present 54% of the time. Nylon was found 16% of the time. Polystyrene was found 11% of the time. Polyethylene was found 10% of the time. Polyester was found 6% of the time.

This study has yet to be peer-reviewed.

It’s possible that opening a plastic bottle shaves off plastic into the water. If this is the culprit, it seems reasonable that functional changes to bottle caps could hold a solution to eliminating over half of the plastic occurrences.

This study certainly isn’t world-ending stuff, but it should serve as a reminder that owning a survival water filter and being prepared to survive on your own is a dire need. Depending on corporations to provide you with a natural resource is a tenuous undertaking. Learn the best practices to filter your own water not only to avoid the potential hazards involved in bottled water company practices but also in the event that our power grid collapses or any other number of terrible events plays out.

You can survive without food for a good stretch, but going without water for more than two days is dangerous. Even when it comes to tap water, a compromised grid would result in bacteria-infested water. Additionally, beyond the government’s affinity for adding in fluoride into our water supply, they now want to add in lithium to it. Yes, lithium in tap water, that doesn’t sound incredibly similar to a sci-fi script.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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