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‘Black Death’ Plague Warning Issued For Nine Countries

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‘Black Death’ Plague Warning Issued For Nine Countries

And this is why we are preppers. A plague warning has been issued for at least nine countries, startling many residents, tourists, and potential tourists. The countries in the crosshairs of the new terrifying warning are all located in near proximity to the country of Madagascar. Officials are warning that the pneumonic plague could spread via airline travel and cruises.

The plague is of the pneumonic form variety, allowing it to infect people through coughing and sneezing, making this plague compatible with an efficient means of travel. There are currently 124 dead from the “Black Death” plague and over 1,000 remain infected. During the 13th and 14th centuries, bubonic plague wreaked havoc on people. It is estimated that Europe endured losses of up to a third of its population. And many experts don’t believe that the plague has peaked as of yet, stirring up fears that more may die. Learn the differences: pandemic vs epidemic.

Dr. Ashok Chopra was interviewed by The Sun regarding the potential for new infections and he didn’t hesitate in asserting exactly how dangerous the situation is in the region.

“If they are traveling shorter distances and they’re still in the incubation period, and they have the pneumonic (form) then they could spread it to other places.

“We don’t want to have a situation where the disease spreads so fast it sort of gets out of control.”

The University of Texas professor of immunology also added: “Most of the cases in the past have been of the bubonic plague but if you look at this particular outbreak, 70 percent of the cases are pneumonic plague, which is the most deadly form of the disease.

“If the treatment is not given in a very short period of time these people will end up dying.”

The countries with active warnings are Comoros, Mauritius, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Reunion, Seychelles. The warnings are encouraging a halt of tourism as health officials hope to contain what could turn into dire circumstances.

Many experts felt that Madagascar would be able to contain and control the pneumonic plague, but they’ve failed to do so leaving not only their region exposed to potential losses of life but the world exposed to the potential of a deadly, killer infection using the world’s airline and cruise lines as a thoroughfare for death. Madagascar is an island that’s home to more than 25 million people. It is now a ticking time bomb breeding ground for a deadly airborne plague.

What Are Pneumonic Plague Symptoms?

Hopefully, you and yours are nowhere near this region. And if you are, hopefully, you heed the warnings and take the strongest of precautionary strategies in order to avert a potential life-threatening plague. Those who are infected with the plague often feel extreme body aches, severe fevers, and nausea. An infected person may also experience enlarged and/or painful lymph nodes. And worse more, the black death plague moves at lightning speed from one person to the next. Any potential exposures should be immediately reported. Cases of black death in Madagascar have doubled over the course of just one week.

The incubation period is a week or less, which is when the recently infected might feel as though they’ve come down with the flu. Understanding the first onset of symptoms if you are residing in this region of the world might well be essential to your survival. The earlier the infected knows of the infection, the stronger the response and viability of antibiotics will be. Early diagnosis is critical to the infected’s survival.

What Is Pneumonic Plague?

Pneumonic plague is a bacterial infection. It is typically derived from infected fleas that latch on to animals. The use of antibiotics to treat Pneumonic plague has been moderately successful, however, Pneumonic plague is a killer that causes loss of life at an astounding rate. If it isn’t caught in the early stages, it becomes a near impossible foe to stop. Additionally, an untreated case of bubonic plague means that you have up to a 60% chance of death. With untreated pneumonic plague, death is a certainty.

Here’s the thing: The plague comes in a variety of forms. The currently issued warning regard the highly infectious variety called pneumonic plague. The other forms are bubonic plague (the one that killed a third of Europeans in 13th and 14th centuries) and septicaemic plague. The current pneumonic plague is dire because it spreads more easily via flying saliva that occurs when the infected people sneeze or a cough. This makes planes and cruises exceptional environments in terms of spreading the black death amongst the masses, and throughout the region.

Even by modern standards, a plague remains a threat to society and it is a threat that every prepper should take seriously. If you think we are at all safe from a plague catastrophe, I highly suggest you read Time’s recent article, The World Is Not Ready For The Next Pandemic. It’s an eye-opening look at just how ill-prepared modern society is for countering a highly infectious plague.

Pneumonic Plague And The United States

Currently, there are zero cases of pneumonic plague in the United States. I want to make sure you don’t interpret this article as fear mongering, rather, you read it as a soft alarm advising and reminding that plagues exist and we are not immune to their potential devastation. Here’s the problem for the United States and all of the world: Travel remains unregulated in the region of Madagascar. This offers a great deal of potential that the plague finds a way to spread from that region to another, and that’s how bad things begin.

Considering yourself safe because you live in Canada, or New York, is in fact, a simpleton’s naivety. Preppers know better. Being prepared for a pandemic is an essential prepping strategy. You don’t have to believe that a pandemic will hit to prepare for it. In most cases, preparation is cheap and easy to accomplish. No one is asking you to build a bubble room, however, basic preparations could one day save your life (or your grandkids who might end up inheriting your prepper prowess and structure). Owning P100 masks and being prepped with longterm food supplies, a superior survival water filter, and sanitation tools and supplies, is truly the best method of protecting you and your family. Because if a plague does hit, you won’t be able to freely travel to stores in your area without risking infection. And it isn’t as if you will know you’ve been infected, at least not before the rest of your family’s tribe is infected. Learn how to survive a pandemic.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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