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Poll Shows Half Of Californians Plan To Leave

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Poll Shows Half Of Californians Plan To Leave

There is hardly any question that the state of California is in a state of distress. Whether it’s their vast homeless issue, the deterioration of gun rights and now even water rights, or the disastrous inflation that has many middle-class workers living in parking lots, and sanctuary cities promoting criminal behavior, the state is now perpetually in decline.

And it seems the citizens of California are noticing more and more. A new poll conducted by  Bay Area Council claims that almost 50% of Californians plan to leave. They listed traffic and the homeless crisis as two big reasons. The exact poll finding was 46%, which is way up from years past.

“This is the trend we’ve been observing. Two years ago, it was 34 percent and last year it was 40,”Bay Area Council’s president, Jim Wunderman, explained to local news station, KTVU.

Of those polled, most had resided in sunny California for over 20 years, which makes the poll’s results even more horrendous.

California has continued to hand over more and more power to greedy, ruling class-driven politicians who’ve done nothing but bury the state in debt and dry it out of water. The state has also governed guns and vaccines harshly and a new proposed law by Senator Pan, SB 1424, may even limit the right to free speech for local Internet businesses.

Socialism is the end game and likely the current state of affairs for a state that once prided itself on a lifestyle that promoted free-thinking. California residents will continue to immigrate to midwestern and southern states, many of which fear their extreme beliefs may cause their regions to suffer a similar fate as California.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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