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Population Control Is Upon Us America as Royals, NBC Push Agenda

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Population Control Is Upon Us America as Royals, NBC Push Agenda

Population control is probably coming to America. NBC news, the Royal family, and a number of other sources are pushing population control strategies in America. Once thought as only a third-world concept, the idea is gaining traction in the West.

The Royal family’s Prince William, keeping with the family’s tradition of pushing for population control agenda, pushed (you guessed it), population control (here). Here’s the thing, when I posted the Prince William article, there was some negative fan fair with folks making accusations of fear mongering and conspiracy theory. I get it, and I got it. The thing is, however, I’ve been saying for years that the newest liberal agenda is and will be, population control. You can call it the New World Order, however, no matter what you call it, it’s a concept that’s as radioactive as it is terrifying. And more than that, the elitists have begun the process of pushing forth population control morality. And one thing is clear, after today, you can no longer call it a conspiracy theory. 

NBC News blatantly stated that population control is needed in order to save the planet (AKA climate change agenda). Let’s look at what NBC is saying here and then let’s talk about how tragic this really is.

Let’s begin by breaking down the liberal agenda stew’s ingredients. And folks, be afraid because this stew has all the makings of the next big liberal agenda push.

A startling and honestly distressing view is beginning to receive serious consideration in both academic and popular discussions of climate change ethics. According to this view, having a child is a major contributor to climate change. The logical takeaway here is that everyone on Earth ought to consider having fewer children.

Although culturally controversial, the scientific half of this position is fairly well-established. Several years ago, scientists showed that having a child, especially for the world’s wealthy, is one of the worst things you can do for the environment.

The second, moral aspect of the view — that perhaps we ought to have fewer children

Because while I recognize that this is an uncomfortable discussion, I believe that the seriousness of climate change justifies uncomfortable conversations. In this case, that means that we need to stop pretending the decision to have children doesn’t have environmental and ethical consequences.

And there you have it. If you still believe the Prince William “assumptions” were a mere conspiracy theory or a serving of catnip for the sake of pageviews, you haven’t been paying attention.

Liberalism is at its very core, a moral high ground. Like any cultish atmosphere, the moral high ground begins to confiscate the rights of others as a way to push through a narrative for which the cult has been indoctrinated with. Liberalism opposes any idea of religion, but by irony and like many cults, they subscribe to a more extreme version of their own morality and believe all those who don’t subscribe similarly are the enemy. But their morality is often an impossible standard of doctrines.

An example is climate change. Liberals push sweeping agendas, but hardly any follow their own preachings. How many liberals take public transit? Buying a Prius isn’t a sacrifice deep enough to truly make any difference to what they propose is happening in the world. They refuse to give up meat. The Hollywood sex assault scandal shows the liberals who consistently pushed to remove due process and replace it with witch hunts, no longer appreciate a witch hunt when they are the subject of such egregious democratic tarnishings.

Population Control In America | Millionaire Pennsylvanian Scott Wallace

Scott Wallace is currently up for 1st Congressional District of Pennsylvania’s House seat. He’s challenging the incumbent,  U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick. And he’s doing so with millions in donations from a slew of wealthy donors, including Planned Parenthood. Over the past 20 years, Wallace has donated $7 million to population control groups, including Zero Population Growth/ Population Connection.

Wallace believes that anyone with more than two kids should be taxed. This is not an outlier candidate, this is a mainstream, wealthy, well-funded candidate who has all the pieces in place to win an election. Whether he wins or not isn’t relevant, he remains on the forefront of funding major population control agendas in America. He’s mainstream accepted.

Population Control Around The Globe?

Who would America join with its population control agenda?

The answer is the darkest characters on the globe.

Population Control in China

China is the most famous population control country in the world. China’s infamous one-child law fines families who don’t comply (much like Pennsylvania’s Scott Wallace’s population control taxation suggestion above, it’s a complete parallel). These leaves a culture of only wealthy breeders, which in some ways, could be seen as population engineering (that’s an entirely other terrifying model to consider). If the United States were to tax American families who have more than two children, they’d be equal to China’s communist regime in such a way.

Population Control in India

India will pay families to stop breeding. Families are paid 5000 rupees to wait a couple of years to have their first child.

Population Controle in Uzbekistan

Women are forced sterlized after their second child is born. Even worse, the women aren’t told they are being sterilized.

Population Control in Iran

State-sponsored vasectomies are options for Iran’s population.

Socialism, at its very core, needs to throttle population or continually lower resources for the herd. Because socialism and population control relies on elitists at the top of the power chain to thrive.

Population Control In America Follows a Dangerous ‘Moral Obligation’ Framework

In the above case pertaining to the prior cited NBC news story, the article writer, Travis Rieder, is formulating a moralist case for population control. This is liberal seeding. It begins as a choice, an option, which if not followed, suddenly becomes a legislative narrative.

The case is clear.

Climate Change: Liberals have been pushing a flawed concept of climate change for almost two decades. However, the versions have often changed in ways to force legislation to make proposed moral obligations a matter of legal compliance. The climate is changing, maybe humans are a lot of the cause, maybe a little, and maybe corporate interference via geoengineering agendas are disturbing the environment.

Climate change was once called “global warming.” But as was the case with “herd immunity,” the term “climate change” was infused to reinvigorate the agenda. At one time, the earth was only warming, yet winter kept happening. Climate change began the government obligation to enforce moral responsibility over the matter, in many cases, harming the economy. The herd became convinced that each tornado and hurricane and even earthquakes (go figure), were the result of their neighbors being out of compliance with climate change doctrines. Those who failed to believe in the 100% climate change concept were labeled “climate deniers” and routinely shamed.

Liberals have imposed their will in a great many areas. Consider the transgender issue. Most normal people couldn’t have cared less if someone wanted to have a gender-swapping surgery. But that wasn’t good enough. Liberals were indoctrinated that science supported the concept that some humans were born opposite of the anatomy they possessed. As time passed, third “binary” genders were accepted into the liberal doctrines. And when the herd refused to care enough, they began passing laws for shared bathrooms. They began reading our kindergartner’s transgender fairy tales and allowing kids to decide their genders at the unripe ages of 5 and 6.

This is how the liberal stew works. It begins with seeds that blossom into a moral obligation. Then some sort of divisive term is created to split the herd into “pro” and “anti.” Legislation is the final spice sprinkled on the top of the stew. Population control is now blossoming into a moral obligation. This is how it begins.

Liberalism is consistently pushing communist narratives. Communism, when read in simpleton terms, is easily digestible and can read as an appealing way of life. Liberals are fed a consistent stream of easily digestible simpleton concepts as a part of the indoctrination process.

“By 2016, Mt. Kilamajaro will no longer have snow” (Um, predictions which never happened…)

AR 15 guns kill thousands of people every year” (they don’t, not even close)

Now they are being fed that “having a few children is destroying the earth.” The elite liberals, who never follow the rules (most fly private jets are always flanked by armed security) will always breed as much as they like. Its the herd that will be indoctrinated to change, that glaring elitist hypocrisy will be, as per the usual, simply accepted and ignored.

Implementation of population control might come from abortion marketing, which would lend itself to potential racist strategy considering that by population segments, blacks and Hispanics have several times more instances of abortions than whites do. In 2012, the CDC reported 55% of abortions from states which segment by race was that of blacks and Hispanics. Considering the total black and Hispanic populations are far less than the total of white population, the scales are more than weighted unfavorably towards non-whites in the abortion likelihood category.

Herd shaming will be another useful tool. Shaming those who choose to have more than one child will become a common practice. As it stands, many liberals already opt to not have children and often resent those who do. It isn’t a far stretch to imagine this soapbox in a more strategic and modified form.

Colleges and public schools will begin the population control agenda indoctrination, hoping to breed a future of population control agenda supporters in relevant, useful fields, such as lawyers, doctors, CEOs, and politicians.

And then there will be legislation. It will begin in seemingly innocuous fashion with tax rewards for those who choose to have no, or only one, child. And then it will move towards legislation that either mandates population control or finds ways that severe basic needs for those who choose to defy the state’s orders. Population control is seeding. It will blossom in the coming year. Hopefully, when it blooms, those of us with our natural propensity for common sense still intact, will see right through it.

From a libertarian or free society standpoint, clearly, population control is as contrarian to freedom as it is despicable to any common sense morality. But that’s what communism is, an imposition on the free will of the herd. It divides, it conquers, it punishes. Soon, population control will be a polarizing issue that’s as defined and pronounced and debated as vaccines and climate change and gun control. You will have celebrities choosing to not have more than one child, or advertising their childless Christmas card photos. Thirty years ago, who would have though we’d be blaming normal annual hurricanes and snow events on SUVs? These agendas don’t happen overnight, however, the liberal indoctrination process is a much more refined and expediting machine. The elitists sophistication on divide, conquer, legislate, is nothing to overlook.

Let us know how you feel about population control in the comments below. Do you still feel it’s just fear mongering?

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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