Population Control Is Upon Us America as Royals, NBC Push Agenda

Population control and America is a controversial subject ripe with unfounded conspiracy theories.

The Royal family’s Prince William discussed population control (here). No matter what you call it, it’s a concept that’s radioactive on social media and beyond. But it remains an unfounded conspiracy theory.

NBC News  stated that population control might be needed in order to save the planet. But there is more to the report than what meets the eye initially.

Population Control In America | Millionaire Pennsylvanian Scott Wallace

Scott Wallace is currently up for 1st Congressional District of Pennsylvania’s House seat. He’s challenging the incumbent,  U.S. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick. And he’s doing so with millions in donations from a slew of wealthy donors. Over the past 20 years, Wallace has donated $7 million to population control groups, including Zero Population Growth/ Population Connection.

Wallace believes that anyone with more than two kids should be taxed.

Population Control Around The Globe?

While population control in America remains a conspiracy theory, there are countries throughout the world who deploy it.

Population Control in China

China is the most famous population control country in the world. China’s infamous one-child law fines families who don’t comply. This leaves a culture of only wealthy breeders, which in some ways, could be seen as population engineering (that’s an entirely other terrifying model to consider).

Population Control in India

India will pay families to stop breeding. Families are paid 5000 rupees to wait a couple of years to have their first child.

Population Controle in Uzbekistan

Women are forced sterlized after their second child is born. Even worse, the women aren’t told they are being sterilized.

Population Control in Iran

State-sponsored vasectomies are options for Iran’s population.

Population Control In America an Unlikely Progression

In the above case pertaining to the prior cited NBC news story, the article writer, Travis Rieder, is formulating a moralist case for population control. But it’s not a likely path. World populations are going down, not up, which surprises most people to hear. (source)

Author: Jim Satney

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