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Prepper Website Guest Writer Opportunities

prepper website guest writersPrepForThat is one of the most popular prepper sites online today. We’ve been featured on TopPrepperSites.com. We do over 100,000 page views per month.

We are always looking for talented writers! We just opened the flood gates, so for now, we are taking article ideas and pitches. If your idea is accepted, you will be given authorship and credit to your site. Please fill out the contact form below and send us your idea(s) along with any places you’ve written for (article links). If you don’t have any and are just getting started, feel free to submit anyways and we can discuss it.

Here are a few subjects we really love to dive down deep into, but you can also check out our site and get a feel.

Bug Out and Survival Bags | Survival Vehicles | EMP Attack Survival | Libertarian Politics | Survival Gardens | Alternative Health | Survival Medicines | Homesteading | Wilderness Survival | Hunting and Camping | Self-Defense (Jiu Jitsu, CCW, EDC) | Financial System Doom and Gloom Prep | Virtual Currency (Bitcoin) | Ketogenic Diets РFasting 

We’d love to feature your work on our Prepper Website and our social media networks and mailers!