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Royal Wedding’s Cost On Taxpayers Is Alarming

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Royal Wedding’s Cost On Taxpayers Is Alarming

When two more elites (royalty) say “I do” to one another tomorrow morning, the concept of ruling class privilege will be put on full display for everyone around the globe to view. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will wed as all storybook narratives go: The rich rulers will rob the poor of their wages and enjoy one of the most lavish times no human could ever conceive.

Wedding planner app, Bridebook, has broken down the likely cost of the Royal wedding. The estimated total cost of the wedding will be $43 million. The rulers are set to pay $2.3 million of that themselves, but remember, the Royal family already gets funds from taxpayers. Now taxpayers will be subjected to the brunt of the $43 million because, of course, much of those costs will be incurred due to security which will use public servants.

Some estimate that $40 million will be paid by taxpayers.

This is nothing short of absolute theft.

The lunch reception will have 800 guests enjoying lobster and caviar, paid for by the poor taxpayers. There will be a private evening reception that will have 600 guests enjoying from the same spoils. There total wedding guest list is over 2,600. Meghan’s dress will cost over $400,000.The flowers will cost around $130,000.

I could go on, but it’s all absolute insanity. What’s worse? The citizens tolerate this silliness. The pitch is that the businesses will make money from all of the hoopla, but how many regular citizens own a business that will somehow see inflated sales during this weekend?

The elites, liberals, Royals, and all of the ruling class, force-feed us their morality constantly. But how is blowing $400,000 on a wedding dress even remotely the action of a philanthropist? Consider what such money could be used for and remember, this will turn out to be taxpayer monies.

Here’s a baffling number: under 60% of British citizens think the Royals should foot the entire bill. Seriously, how is this number not at 100%?

Liberals always say they want to solve homelessness…

Most people don’t even know…

This is absolutely horrendous.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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