Prince William Pushes For Population Control

Prince William is concerned about the declining animal populations around the globe. And elephant tusks. So he’s seemingly found the demon which plagues both animal populations and tusks: Humans. There are too many of us, it seems. William feels that there are too many people on earth, which oddly links him to his father’s position over the same matter. The shared globalists views on mankind are a very endearing “like father, like son” position.

Prince William made his assertions at a wildlife conservation charity gala, where he touted the  “enormous pressure” that are being placed on our animals via us terrible humans. He further asserts that if continued, we can expect a “terrible impact” on the world’s wildlife unless we do something now. And by “something,” I’m not so sure he’s just tossing out the ember that sparks a healthy debate over the matter. I’d say, given his family’s history, he probably already has a solution for the matter (hint: if you can read this, the solution most likely adversely affects you).

“In my lifetime, we have seen global wildlife populations decline by over half,” he said. “Africa’s rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double by 2050 — a staggering increase of three and a half million people per month.”

“There is no question that this increase puts wildlife and habitat under enormous pressure,” he continued. “We are going to have to work much harder to ensure that human beings and other species can co-exist.”

Back in 2010, Prince Charles went down a similar population control road when he said, “The world’s population is increasing fast,” and “It goes up by the equivalent of the entire population of the United Kingdom every year. Which means that this poor planet of ours, which already struggles to sustain 6.8 billion people, will somehow have to support over 9 billion people within 50 years.”

Prince Philip also charmed us with his lunacy when he requested “voluntary family limitations.”

Prince William population controlVoluntary, of course, is how all bad things begin. You are asked to vaccinate your children before they begin school. All the rhetoric is polite and gentle. Until you continually turn down the requests in which case things suddenly are stroked with “mandatory.” Population control is the globalist’s foundation of policy. It drives the egregious pursuit of population enslavement. This is the very reason that so many banks fear people buying Bitcoins, it places way too much power in the hands of those who should be enslaved.

Do you think the globalists are vaccinating with every vaccine, and taking SSRI meds, and shutting down family trees at one child? Prince William and Kate Middleton are working on their third child. So much for elephant tusks and giraffes lounging in the shade of big beautiful trees. A prince needs his large, globally powerful links to succession as rulers. It is the rest of us proletariats that should restrict our birthing of new humans. We are the disease, the infection, the ones who should remain subjugated by the elites.

The hypocrisy with the royal family is ripe and overly defined. This is an entitled globalist family that harkens the days of total enslavement. They are entitled to positions of power and authority sans any voting process. Their eliteness is as obvious and transparent as it gets, yet so many people fall for the salacious distractions that involve their fancy attire and staged photos of the perfect family. But they live as overindulgent elitists who care little for the people they choose to saturate with moral high ground diatribes.

Population control is a terrifying possibility. China already does this. Liberals in the western world are already calling for socialism and communism. Could our future be that American families can only have one child so that we leave “less of an environmental footprint?” The global warming and climate change indoctrination run deep enough with liberals that they’d likely be rather accepting of such proposals. We’ve seen what they are capable of digesting ever since President Trump was elected. The left’s resist movement has really been an expose’ of how deeply indoctrinated our herd is. They accept lies about Trump as reality. They chase climate change and mandatory vaccine laws as though they were pots of gold at the ends of rainbows.

Prince William’s rhetoric is scarier when we consider what our herd finds acceptable. They keep pushing more and more power towards the government. What they get in return some day likely won’t be what they thought they’d get from their “friends” who hold all the redistributed powers.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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