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Prozac Causes Antibiotic Resistance, Study Claims

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Prozac Causes Antibiotic Resistance, Study Claims

One of the most popular antidepressants in the world is now being linked to antibiotic resistance. Fluoxetine, known by the popular brand name Prozac, is now being implicated by Australian researchers for stimulating the antibiotic resistance environment. This news is groundbreaking because it shows that antibiotic resistance is not singularly being caused by the overprescription of antibiotics, rather, by a potential number of drugs.

The researchers from Australia’s University of Queensland are attempting to prove their concept that antibiotic resistance is derived from a number of sources, not just antibiotics.

“Our previous study reported that triclosan, a common ingredient in toothpaste and hand wash can directly induce antibiotic resistance,” said engineer Jianhua Guo of the University’s Advanced Water Management Centre.”

“We also wondered whether other non-antibiotic pharmaceuticals such as fluoxetine can directly induce antibiotic resistance.”

The study used fluoxetine and the bacteria, E. coli together in baths that changed on a daily basis for 30-days.

Mutated bacterias were then transferred to environments that introduced an antibiotic.

The new environment showed that the bacteria had grown a resistance to amoxicillin, chloramphenicol and tetracycline – all of which are popular, widely prescribed antibiotics.

And, it gets worse.

The more intense the fluoxetine exposure, the more antibiotic-resistant the bacteria.

The study claims that at least 11% of fluoxetine runs through the body unscathed. This means that someone who ingests Prozac urinates a good portion of it out and into our sewage network. This offers further evidence that antibiotic resistance is being groomed into our environment.

“Fluoxetine is a very persistent and well-documented drug in the wider environment, where strong environmental levels can induce multi-drug resistance,” Guo said.

“This discovery provides strong evidence that fluoxetine directly causes multi-antibiotic resistance via genetic mutation.”

The only outlier aspect of the study is that the human body has microbiome which wasn’t present in the laboratory setting.

Many pharmaceutical companies, such as Novartis, have abandoned antibiotic research due to lowered profitability potential. Antidepressants and vaccines and painkillers have proven to be models of revenue generation unrivaled by other drugs. The antibiotic collapse is could cause as many as 10 million deaths worldwide.

An antibiotic collapse leaves us vulnerable for a pandemic. It remains important to have a prepper antibiotics plan in place, nevertheless.

Prozac is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) prescribed by doctors for anxiety and depression. It has often been the subject of criticism for its harsh side-effects, including withdrawal. SSRI medications are often scrutinized for their links to mass shootings.


Author: Jim Satney

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