Puerto Rican Roving Gangs Halt Supplies As Dystopia Sets In

The Left’s intent on making Hurricane Maria President Donald Trump’s “Hurricane Katrina,” even in the face of dismal logic. The politicizing has clouded the reality of the situation in Puerto Rico. With San Juan’s mayor pushing the Left’s agenda, even while flanked with pallets full of supplies, Puerto Rico’s savagery which occurred right after Maria hit the island is being pushed under the rug.

President Trump lifted the Jones Act, which had little to nothing to do with supply getting to people. He also sent a wealth of aid workers, military personnel, and ships with supplies to the region immediately. However, some of that aid was compromised by criminals who were likely ready for dystopian conditions to ensue following the hurricane. I can’t stress enough how important it is to pay attention to these happenings. They are a testament to the reasons for why we prep and something I list in my hurricane survival guide.

Puerto Rico is exactly the SHTF situation that can happen anywhere. Watch this video.

This is also detrimentally affecting the spirits of truck drivers needed to deliver aid to those who are suffering. There is a truck driver shortage as it stands. The President, nor FEMA, can help that Puerto Rico is seemingly a mix of an unprepared for disaster space, as well as a region that was devastated by a rare category 5 hurricane hit. The supplies are currently on the island, it is the delivery process that is compromised.

A shortage of diesel fuel combined with the fear of being attacked by these gangs has crippled the supply chain. It could potentially help if the San Juan mayor would take some time out from her busy schedule of blaming Trump and Fema, as well as having custom shirts made, to offer up some resolve to the true culprits plaguing the aid disbursement. If Puerto Rico has no power, how did the mayor print a propaganda t-shirt to wear on CNN?

The question of how she came about that shirt is even more terrifying once we consider the entire scope of things. Did CNN create the shirt for her? Or is there power on the island somewhere and she consumed some to create the shirt? Both cases are unsettling in their own right and deeper commentary on our current situation. The herding of people by the media continues to be to our own detriment. The San Juan mayor’s actions are exactly the example we should look to as to why we need to become preppers. A disaster is just an opportunity for government extremists on both sides of the aisle to begin looking for narratives which benefit them. It is an opportunity for the media to herd people.

Puerto Rico, as a government, needs to focus on the safety and security of its residents. The people of Puerto Rico need to focus on supplying themselves with clean water and food and defending their lives. But the latter is tough to do if you were ill-prepared before the catastrophic events unfolded. Many people assume that prepping is expensive, but that’s egregiously false. Prepping can be accomplished in an economic manner.

What if you were unprepared to defend yourself in the aftermath of a natural disaster of any sort, or even an EMP attack? Would you be able to defend your family from roving gangs of criminals who are ceasing the opportunities presented by a destroyed power grid? The desperation of the unprepared can result in evil, it can also result in those who choose not to partake in savagery being the victims. The middle ground, of course, is that of being prepared. When you are prepared, you hopefully are not desperate for clean drinking water or limited in your means to defend yourself.

You can argue and debate all day the response from the Federal Government, but in the end, you should never allow yourself to be in the precarious position of relying on government assistance after a catastrophe. These recent hurricanes and the earthquake in Mexico should teach us at least this much. You don’t have to look far to see that preppers are not conspiracy theorists. The prepared are the ones who sleep better at night and the ones who place themselves in a better position to survive tragic circumstances.

No one should be more responsible for looking out for you and your family other than you. If your taxpayer dollars are somehow returned by way of government assistance in a time of disaster, that’s a plus. But never depend on it. Just watching Puerto Rico’s local officials trip over themselves due to their own need to find a pot of gold is example enough for why they can’t be relied upon.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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