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Puerto Rico Protests Turn Violent, Massive Uprising Expected Monday

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Puerto Rico Protests Turn Violent, Massive Uprising Expected Monday

Large swaths of protesters in Puerto Rico continue to light up the night outside of Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s home. The Governor resides at the official governor’s residence in La Fortaleza. The community is calling for Rosselló to step down following leaked text and chat records which show him mocking Hurricane Maria victims.

The Governor has rarely been seen since July 11th, likely fearing for his safety. During his last major media appearance on July 11th, Rosselló asked that the people of Puerto Rico forgive him.

The leaked chat messages are on full display in a 900-page document. In one text, Rosello calls a NY politician the “daughter of a b—h.” In another, he makes fun of Ricky Martin’s homosexuality.

Friday’s union worker protests were especially violent. It’s likely that record numbers of protesters will overtake the streets of Puerto Rico on Monday.

Photographer Nina Tadic shared stunning images of protests and violent conditions on the Island. She’s encouraging others to share the images on Facebook and Twitter as a way to spread awareness. While mainstream media outlets are covering the event, the focus certainly remains on other, less impactful stories around the globe. In other words, the MSM is overlooking the Puerto Rico civil war and protest conditions.

Chants outside the governor’s residence include “Ricky, resign!”

Puerto Rico’s ecosystem of corruption has been an ongoing storyline ever since Hurricane Maria hit the island and caused billions in damage.

Politicians across the United States are showing support for the Puerto Rican protesters, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and President Trump. Trump noted the congressional funds sent to Puerto Rico last year, something he objected to at the time.

Democratic Presidential hopeful, Tulsi Gabbard, called on all Democratic 2020 candidates to travel to Puerto Rico and help the cause.

According to reports, a “massive demonstration” is set to take place on Monday.

What comes Monday is anyone’s guess, however, it’s safe to assume the violence and intensity will rise as more people join in. So far, the governor has backed down to calls for resignation. But it’s unclear how long he can remain under siege.

In this video, it appears a protestor is being beaten.

Others are calling the protests a “civil war” and calling for the governor’s head (literally).

Author: Jim Satney

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