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Rain Storms Discovered In Antarctica Prompts Debates


Rain Storms Discovered In Antarctica Prompts Debates

Incidents of rain in Antarctica have some critics calling for an inquisition into the potential of intense geoengineering. Rain in Antarctica has caused a rash of debates all over the Internet.

A new paper titled, “January 2016 extensive summer melt in West Antarctica favored by strong El Nino,” which was published in Nature Communications, pitches an idea that the weather phenomenon, El Nino, is the cause of new rains in a region that until recently, never received rain events. El Nino is also being blamed for melting ice plates in the area. Here is an excerpt from the paper.

The unusual extent and duration of the melting are linked to strong and sustained advection of warm marine air toward the area, likely favored by the concurrent strong El Niño event. The increase in the number of extreme El Niño events projected for the twenty-first century could expose the WAIS to more frequent major melt events.

El Nino, in simpleton terms, pushes warm waters into specific regions around the world and causes an influx of weather changes. For example, it can bring extreme rain events to typically dry southern California while causing drought events to places such as Florida. It all stems from the Pacific ocean’s waters warming a few degrees (or less) which can shuttle a diversity of unusual weather patterns across the United States. Of course, it isn’t just the United States that is affected by these changes, the entire world is typically subject to some type of weather pattern variations.

What’s interesting is that the weather pattern explained above only happened over a two week period of time. This has led many people to believe that instances of geoengineering, a process where man chemically induces weather changes in the upper-stratosphere using heavy metals, is the true culprit. Are elites attempting to change our weather patterns to exude a form of global power grabbing, or to create chaotic weather events that spark new and profitable “climate change” legislation?

You can see the argument for El Nino and ice melting below.

The question of geoengineering goes well-beyond that case being made for Antarctica’s rain events and ice melting. Geoengineering is real, but mainstream liberal media tends to associate it with conspiracy theory lunacy as a way to herd the masses away from facts. The United States uses geoengineering in states such as Texas and Californi to help spawn rain. By spraying heavy metals into the atmosphere, they can influence precipitation. Additionally, Bill Nye, the most fraudulent scientist in modern times, has called for manipulation of our oceans using ping pong balls as a way to “reflect sun away from earth.” And even worse, liberals are now increasingly pushing population control agendas.

Man is influencing our climate, both by the use of modern industrial devices and by way of government intervention. But its the case of government intervention, or geoengineering, that’s the most unsettling. The media has liberal Hollywood elites on their side, many of which have begun blaming earthquakes on proposed climate change logic. There is no end to what the herd will buy into and steadfastly push to the main stage. One of the United States biggest catastrophic threats is from the underlying New Madrid Fault line, which could kill millions of unsuspecting midwesterners. This has nothing to do with climate change propaganda. The issue of climate change largely covers up events of nefarious geoengineering. It helps to funnel in opportunities for people like Al Gore to continue to profit from misleading information. Gore’s been wrong about climate change a lot and has even refused to explain his dire predictions gone wrong while getting into an SUV. You simply can’t make that kind of stuff up.

The Weather Channel is also participating in firing up the masses by naming every storm and overdramatizing their effects. They now name every blizzard, even when “blizzards” have only been a 30-minute portion of the storm’s intensity (3 hours is required for blizzard conditions). More and more schools are prompted to close, followed by related climate change justifications, as a way to make people feel their lives have become too inconvenient due to climate change.

The industrial revolution was certainly a significant change in our planet’s being. However, it’s not nearly as significant as the elites make it out to be. The true hazards will likely be ongoing geoengineering projects. But so long as that remains a taboo, conspiracy theory subject, it will remain a hidden threat.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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