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Rare Fire Tornado Caught On Tape In Texas

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Rare Fire Tornado Caught On Tape In Texas

Tornadoes are bad enough, but when they are made of fire, it almost makes it seem as though the world is ending.

A rare phenomonen, caused by a mix of wind and wildfire, caused a rare fire tornado to sweep across a Texas field. The Fire Tornado looked just as wicked and terrifying as one might imagine that it would. Here’s a great guide that explains fire tornadoes.

Cameras captured the fire tornado just outside of Amarillo.

Winds mixed with wildfires are incredibly problematic, much beyond a fire tornado. They can cause a wildfire to swell and expand faster than firefighters can control it. Homes, businesses and lives are all in danger once wind sets in over a raging fire. Dry conditions in the region and wind are a bad mix this time of year for that part of Texas.

Check out our how to survive a tornado guide (we don’t currently have one for surviving fire tornadoes because, well…)

Of course, it isn’t the worst we’ve ever seen. Check out this one from a California wildfire.


Author: Jim Satney

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