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Trump’s Fantastic Poll Results Ignored By Mainstream Media

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Trump’s Fantastic Poll Results Ignored By Mainstream Media

He’s seemingly the most controversial political figure in modern history. He defeated the mainstream media and massive fake news campaigns that had his presidential campaign dead to rights months, weeks, days, and even minutes before he was elected President of the United States. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, a consistent swarm of negative Trump poll results paraded the headlines.

That story hasn’t changed much since Trump’s inauguration, until this morning, that is. An updated poll released by  Rasmussen this morning has everyone, including the President himself, buzzing. According to the recent poll, President Trump’s overall approval rating is now 50 percent among likely U.S. voters.

Here’s where things get even more stunning: Trump has now blown by former President Barak Obama’s poll ratings at the same time during his Presidency. Then President Obama was below the 50% threshold in April of 2010.

Trump’s rise in the polls seems to be a direct reflection of citizen approval in areas such as increased job growth, economic health, and his consistent push for stronger immigration laws. Some might argue that his ongoing war with the state of California involving their sanctuary state policies have also helped to fuel his popularity nationwide.

Much to the chagrin of extreme liberals who remain embroiled in a battle against the President involving absurd Russian conspiracy claims, the Stormy Daniels expose’ seemingly did little to move the needle towards discontent. This recent Rasmussen poll could provide a proverbial breaking point in the way that Democrats choose to campaign during midterms. Conor Lamb, the democratic winner of a special election outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, campaigned as a pro-Second Amendment candidate. However, Lamb was not pushed through a democratic Primary environment that has commonly pushed out moderates in favor of candidates who pitch an extreme, identity politics, belief system.

Sound familiar? It should. Rasmussen famously, or notoriously, predicted the outcome of the 2016 election. It was one of the few polls which indicated that Trump was in the lead throughout his 2016 campaign that ran head to head with the highly favored former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. This could serve up some rather bitter news for liberals hoping to overtake the House in 2016 and eventually the Presidency in 2020.

Let’s dive into an even deeper, more compelling, nostalgia. FiveThirtyEight has compiled the results of a slew of polls which they say amounts to the President’s approval rating being that of 40.7%. You almost can’t make this stuff up. They’ve listed his disapproval rating at 53%. This is almost exactly the lack of parody between the same set of polls from the 2016 election. Seeing that Trump came out on top, one has to think he’d be pretty excited about it. And one would be right.

“Thank you to Rasmussen for the honest polling. Just hit 50%, which is higher than Cheatin’ Obama at the same time in his Administration,” the president tweeted.

The mainstream media has failed to cover the new poll results, which have been live online for over 24 hours. Some liberal strongholds that have covered the Rasmussen results have called Rasmussen a “right-wing pollster.” CNN and ABC News display 0 relevant search results over the story.

So much for fair and unbiased journalism.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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