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Former NFL Star Questions Flu Shot Efficacy On Twitter, Fallout Is Fast And Furious

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Former NFL Star Questions Flu Shot Efficacy On Twitter, Fallout Is Fast And Furious

Former NFL star running back, Reggie Bush, created a vaccine melodrama on Twitter Sunday evening after inquiring about the flu shot from his followers.

Bush asked his followers if they were “for it or against it.” He noted that he’d been reading articles and watching videos related to the controversy.

Bush also posted a link to a Youtube video that the company removed for “violating Youtube’s terms of service.”

reggie bush flu shot

Fortunately, decorum in the comments held strong. I’m completely kidding. People immediately got fired up and circled the Bush Tweet with bloodthirsty mobs armed with freshly sharpened pitchforks.

The comment-warring came as fast and furious as you’d imagine, with the anti-flu-shot crowd exchanging criticisms and counter-arguments with flu-shot-supporters.

As of this morning, it does not appear the former Heisman winning USC star responded any further to the matter. However, his leaving the Tweet live is a testament to his fearlessness in such issues. That, or he posted the inquiry and went for vacation and has yet to realize the full social media fallout.

Either way, the flu shot controversy is as passionate as ever, something CDC officials and government agencies likely find unsettling.

The New Orleans Saints drafted Bush in the 2006 draft. In 2008, the NFL named him an all-pro. Bush and the Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLIV in what some sports writers consider one of the greatest Superbowls of all-time.

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Author: Jim Satney

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