A Republican Is Winning Big In California Right Now

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Republican Mike Garcia is leading Christy Smith in a California House special election. The California House 25 seat used to belong to embattled Democrat Katie Hill who gave up the seat after being ousted for having a salacious affair with an intern.

A win for Garcia would not only be improbable, but highly impressive, pending the results stick.

And things get worse for liberals.

According to New York Times reporter Katie Medina, mail-in voting seemed to bring a lackluster turn out for the younger generation.

“Tracking data shows a significant voting gap along generational lines. Roughly 56% of voters 65 and older returned a mail ballot. Just 19% of those younger than 35 did so.”

A rematch is likely in November when candidates run for full-terms.

The big question on everyone’s mind, of course, is will the draconian economic shutdown cause a conservative wave, particularly in staunchly Democratic states like California. Yesterday, L.A. County officials said that “with all certainty,” the shutdown order will be extended into August. The announcement caused many who’ve so far supported shutdowns as a solution to coronavirus to challenge their belief systems. A shutdown through summer would be the nail in the coffin for a local economy that’s now in dire straights following 60+ days of shutdown.

Democrats are banking on a heightened public fear creating support to economic shutdowns. But its probably that many people, including staunchly liberal people, are becoming cagey and paranoid as shutdown orders hardly match real coronavirus data that shows a low death toll. With unemployment compiling daily, people are beginning to understand the utter devastation ahead of their families for years to come.

The question now is, will it turn the elections in favor of a conservative party that’s shown a lighter hand in regards to shutdown orders? The democratic party play is certain to be that President Trump and his cohorts blundered early coronavirus testing, causing a long term shutdown that eventually led to the worst economy we’ve seen in modern history.

But with hospital’s furloughing medical staff, included revered nurses, that campaign pitch might fall on deaf ears as citizens focus on ending shutdown orders. And that’s something many democratic leaders seem unwilling to do.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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