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Researchers Push For Heroin Vaccine Human Testing In 2020

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Researchers Push For Heroin Vaccine Human Testing In 2020

Scientists at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Maryland believe they have found the solution to America’s growing heroin crisis, a vaccine. The scientists say they’ve been testing the concept on mice for years and that the idea is now viable.

“There is a significant group, and we see them in the hospital, that have tried multiple times to get into remission, and it hasn’t worked. And so I think it’s important to try to take as many steps and try to pursue as many avenues as possible to try to come up with tools,” said Dr. Stephen Thomas, Chief of Infectious Diseases Division at SUNY Upstate and Principal Investigator of the study, according to LocalSYR.com.

According to the scientists, the logic is as follows: the mice are delivered the vaccine. The mice then develop some sort of immune response to the vaccine. This reaction causes the brain to no longer crave heroin. This is supposed to cancel out the severe effects of heroin withdrawal.

“It’s a very novel approach to tricking our body into developing, antibodies against a drug basically. So this is a very important, novel concept,” said Dr. Timothy Endy, Chair of Microbiology and Immunology and a researcher in the study.

Scientists are comparing the heroin vaccine’s makeup to that of the flu vaccine. Seeing the flu vaccine is commonly associated with lower success rates, the pharmaceutical company that takes ownership of this heroin vaccine might change consider avoiding such comparisons.

The testing stages for the heroin vaccine are still considered to be pre-clinical. Doctors hope to get FDA approval for human testing by the year 2020.

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