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Revolver Handgun Is A Great Prepper Option

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Revolver Handgun Is A Great Prepper Option

A firearm is truly the ultimate in self-defense weaponry. While I do have a list of the best fixed blade survival knives for good reason and I fully believe everyone should take some jiu jitsu, a firearm trumps all when it comes to self-defense. And if SHTF, you are most definitely going to want a reliable piece at your side. Before I go any further into this article, I want to convey a solid point: Do not just buy a firearm without training. Learn to use a firearm by taking the time and spending the extra money on professional gun training. A revolver handgun is a great option for preppers.

I believe that the revolver handgun is often an overlooked self-defense and prepper weapon. For some, the revolver appears to be an archaic relic that exists amongst the more modern options of semi-automatic handguns. In terms of self-defense and prepping for SHTF, I believe that both versions of handguns have a role. I believe in owning both. I personally carry a Glock 43 as my main conceal carry handgun. But, I think there are a great many reasons to also own a revolver.  This article isn’t a debate, it is more of a highlight over why revolvers have their place in a prepper’s arsenal.

Revolver Handguns Won’t Let You Down

You’ll hear this a lot. Revolver handguns are simply reliable firearms. There isn’t much debate about that. However, semi-automatic aficionados will often point out that Glocks are carried by military and police personnel for a reason (they are reliable firearms) and that both Glocks and Sigs are well-known to be more than competent in the sphere of reliability. And this is all very true.

But here’s the thing: Revolvers are simple in machinery and concept. They can endure a tremendous amount of abuse. Because of such simplicity, the revolver is reliable at both high-end and low-end pricing. Cylinder chambers don’t offer near the opportunity for things to go wrong as a spring loaded magazine does. Yes, my Glock is super reliable, but that shouldn’t distract from the revolver’s few moving parts. Because of this, I think having a revolver in a SHTF scenario is essential. Having that type of back up reliability is, in fact, the essence of intelligent prepping.

Of course, in a doomsday scenario, maybe you’d prefer your Glock backup be a Sig (or vice-versa). But for me, I believe in spreading my prepper eggs out to a few more baskets. The revolver offers up some of the best reliability on the market.

Additionally, a revolver won’t jam. My Glock, as reliable as it is, has jammed. Of course, you are exchanging round capacity for an extreme dose of reliability. You know the revolver will fire, but can you take care of business in 6 shots? That’s the big question and one only you can answer.

Revolvers Are Easier To Repair

Less parts means less frustration. Not only are revolvers easier to repair, but finding replacement metal is easier to come by. In a prepper situation where the power grid has failed, your trusty revolver would be easier to find parts for and fix up.

While in our current modern world, this point is practically irrelevant, it is important to realize we aren’t prepping for the now, but for the possible future. This is a major reason I believe in having a revolver as a part of any prepper’s bug out bag essentials.

revolver handgun

black revolver gun with bullets isolated on wooden background. photo credit: deposit photos

Revolvers Can Be Super Small

When it comes to prepping, size is a major factor. Packing a bug out bag as you likely already know can be frustrating due to both the size of prepper items and their weight. A handy revolver can come in a smaller size than a semi-automatic firearm.

Some Believe Revolvers Fire Better

This is definitely a consideration, though, I think it is exaggerated on the part of revolver lovers. Revolvers don’t require recoil to cycle, therefore, they fire a little better. Spring loaded semi-autos can jam much easier than a revolver’s cycle loading style. Also, the fact that there is no slide cuts down on jam risk once again. Slides can also pop back on your thumb if you inadvertently had it in the way (we’ve all done it, don’t pretend). Revolvers don’t get affected by “limp wrist.”

You can fire a revolver under duress and you don’t have to worry about it firing. It’s going to fire whether your wrist is limp or not.

The Revolver Is A Durable Machine With History

Revolvers are old. You’ve certainly seen the revolver present in old western movies. They’ve been around forever and are still widely used. There’s a reason for that: They last.

Semi-autos are often built using plastic materials to compensate for more expansive parts. The revolver is pure steel. Steel will always outlast plastic.

Revolver Handgun Safety is ‘More Safe?’

Ah, handgun safeties (both figurative and literal) can be confusing. Many people like to say the revolver doesn’t have a true safety. Well, lots of people say the same about a Glock. But guess what? All guns have a safety, it is called “don’t pull the trigger unless you intend to fire it.”

Revolver handguns are either double or single action mechansingle A singl action revolver means you have to cock the hammer to fire it. Double means you can pull the trigger to achieve this action. On a double action revolver, the trigger weight is much heavier (safety concept at play here).

If the hammer isn’t cocked, the gun can’t fire. A semi-automatic is less exposed in terms of what’s happening. You can sometimes see a slight shadow to know that there is a round in the chamber, but that’s not always dependable.

Cleaning A Revolver Is Much Easier

Taking apart a Glock isn’t the simplest of tasks. Although, I will say, you don’t really need to clean a Glock as much as many people think. To clean a revolver, just run cloth down the barrel and through the chambers. You don’t have to take the entire revolver apart.

Concealing Revolvers Is Easy

Notice, I said “easy” and not “easier.” I’m not going to play that game. Concealing a firearm is always a personal and subjective experience. I will say, however, that concealing a small revolver is pretty darn comfy. If you’ve never tried it, you might give it a go if you have a permit and training to do so! Here’s a good belly band on Amazon that you can use to conceal your revolver.

In conclusion, I consider the revolver the best backup prepper firearm you can provide yourself. They are reliable, easier to fix and they don’t jam. They also fit nicely in a bug out bag and you can conceal them rather easy.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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