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Rhode Island Is Now Fighting Geoengineering


Rhode Island Is Now Fighting Geoengineering

by Dane Wigington

Rhode Island State Representative Justin Price continues to show a level of courage and determination that is almost nonexistent in the halls of elected government officials at any level. In February of 2016 Geoengineering Watch published a report detailing the ongoing efforts by Rhode Island legislators to bring exposure and accountability to the critical issue of global geoengineering/climate engineering programs which are decimating the biosphere and the entire web of life. GeoengineeringWatch.org supplied climate engineering informational materials and educational DVDs to the legislators and committee members. A compelling short video testimony from the 2016 Rhode Island Legislation hearing is below.

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On March 1st, 2017, Rhode Island State Representative Justin Price has courageously introduced the latest anti-geoengineering legislation proposal, 2017 — H 5607. This most recent draft is more complete and comprehensive.

Click image to open full size PDF text of document.

H5607 Document

Thanks to the ongoing unyielding efforts of Rhode Island State Representative, Justin Price (and former efforts of RI Representative, Karen MacBeth), the criminal climate engineering programs continue to be forced to the full light of day. All of us are needed to assist this critical effort by Representative Justin Price. Each of us, in our individual regions and circumstances, can start spot fires of critical awareness on the critical climate engineering issue. Make your voice heard, every day counts.

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Author: Jim Satney

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