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New Social Distancing Snitch App Let’s Cali Neighbors SNITCH On Other Neighbors

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New Social Distancing Snitch App Let’s Cali Neighbors SNITCH On Other Neighbors

The state’s arm of citizen surveillance under the guise of coronavirus protection continues to grow in length. Now it’s overreaching by way of technology. Yesterday, it was news of pandemic drones, today, it’s snitch apps.

A California county launched a mobile app that allows citizens to snitch on other citizens for breaking social distancing policies. The County of Riverside launched an app, RivCoMobile, which allows for anonymous tattle-telling on social distancing violaters.

” I am 100 percent behind it because I see people doing stuff all the time,” Pamela Berghorst told kesq.” I wish I was a private investigator.”


When using the app, you simply click the “Coronavirus” section to access the snitch capabilities. It is here that you can report your neighbors and other citizens for social distancing violations.

coronavirus snitch app

The 1984 theme is difficult to miss here.

coronavirus snitch app

“Once we receive the complaint, we review it, it goes to our county attorney, if the business is operating within a city boundary, it will be sent to the city attorney,” said Brooke Federico. “The city will then see how best to contact the business.”

But not to worry, the county isn’t about that citation-life.

“We’re not looking to create a lot of citations, we’re looking for compliance,” said Federico.”So that’s always going to start with a conversation and discussion.”

It’s become clear that coronavirus is hardly the main concern anymore. Government overreach, supplemented and fueled by citizens willing to turn their neighbors in, is plain terrifying.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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