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Robots May Replace Women In The Future To Avoid #METOO Lynch Mobs

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Robots May Replace Women In The Future To Avoid #METOO Lynch Mobs

A Canadian company is creating a stir with a proposal to place brothels in Houston, Texas. For many, that opening sentence is likely alarming enough; however, when the full context is given, that original opening sentence is mostly innocuous.

That’s because the company, KinkySdollS, uses robotic escorts in the brothels.

That’s right, there will be no human women inside the brothel (at least for sale, in the barbaric sense).

The company already operates a sex robot brothel in Toronto.

Last month, KinkySdollS announced that it would be placing “Adult Love Dolls Brothel” in Houston. The backlash was as immediate as it was furious. Community groups quickly moved to attempt to block city permits.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said that the robot brothel was “not the sort of business I’m looking for in the city of Houston.”

But is he right?

Turner is reviewing the permits for KinkySdollS. He claims he’s not attempting to be the morality police. And hey, maybe he isn’t. His community is outraged and he’s the mayor. The onus falls on him to take action.

But Turner, like many among us, might be missing the forest for the trees.

And KinkySdollS might be right on target, realizing that the robot companionship industry is ripe to explode.

Stay with me…

Kavanaugh Lynching Reveals Dire Social Climate For Young Men

Men aren’t trusting women anymore.

Make no mistake about it, the Brett Kavanaugh mob lynching isn’t bringing about a massive social change for the goit’s its merely exposing what’s been an issue for years.

Liberals, feminist, (insert any)-ist, hate due process.

Emmett Till lynching

Emmett Till was lynched in 1955 have a white woman accused him of offending her.

Due process is constraining to those who seek social justice. Social justice agendas are often plagued with emotional trials, but sans any legitimate evidence.

Due process, our modern protection from barbaric witch hunts (like the one that got Emmett Till)

Believe Her.

That’s what’s being exclaimed, screamed, professed, and shared.

The mainstream media is fueling the fire when it calls on society to lynch a man that has serious allegations levied against him, yet no supporting evidence.

If you have a son and he is accused of rape without any evidence whatsoever and his job fires him, your role as a parent is to “believe her.” If not, you’ll be lynched equally.

Men Are Starting To Distrust Women – That’s The Real Social Change

Make no mistake about it, social change is upon us.

But probably not the change everyone sees coming.

The underbelly of the #metoo movement is men strategizing about ways to protect themselves from false or exaggerated claims.

Like most agendas attached to the religion of liberalism, the #metoo movement was initially a good idea, but people looking to cash in on victim status labels ruined it. It went too far.

The Kavanaugh lynching is beyond the pale of a modern society’s inalienable moral and legal rights. Its a complete travesty.

It’s also a reality check for every man in America. The #himtoo movement isn’t going to go far, but don’t think the murmurings in the underbelly isn’t building.

If Women Can Make False Claims…

Good men are now in a position to protect from, rather than react to, the #metoo lynching.

Surveillance cameras are becoming bigger than ever. Men, realizing that the social climate is calling for a removal of due process, are looking into ways to accrue more reliable proof.

But it’s important to remember, several of Dr. Ford’s “witnesses” have verified, under legal documents, that they have no recollection of Judge Kavanaugh’s involvement in anything. In other words, he has proof that he didn’t partake in any crime.

But it doesn’t matter.

So one has to wonder, would videotaping intimate activities truly matter?

Sexual assault cases have a history of skirting evidence under the guise of avoiding “victim shaming.” Toxicology reports for victims are often not-admissable in court cases, or thrown out entirely, as a way to protect the accuser. When I posted Christine Blasey Ford’s yearbook, I was accused of “victim shaming.” Yet, we just watched hours of Senators dissecting Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s yearbook.

emma sulkowicz

The case of Emma Sulkowicz was foreshadowing of a future without due process in sex assault cases.

On the social justice war front, accusers, even after being disproven, suffer little in the way of social consequences.

Take the case of Columbia University student, Emma Sulkowicz, who accused Paul Nungesser or rape. Sulkowicz carried a 50-lbs mattress around campus for a year, even when she accepted her diploma, as a way to shame Nungesser.

Due to Obama’s campus assault policy which allows colleges to investigate sexual assault, Columbia University was tasked with investigating the case. Education Secretary Betsy Devos has since scrapped the ridiculous policy. However, the fact that liberals allowed sexual assault cases to be investigated outside of courts tells you everything you need to know about where this ship is headed.

Nungesser was eventually cleared of rape.

Sulkowicz filed charges months after she claimed rape. She sent numerous Facebook messages that seemed to contradict those that we’d expect from a “rape victim,” however, social justice law protects those messages under the “we can’t understand the mindset of a rape victim” ideology. Two days after the day she claimed rape by Nungesser, the same “rapist” invited her to a party. She replied on Facebook with “lol yusss.”

Other Facebook messages included “I love you Paul. Where are you?!?!?!?!”

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who I’ve called out recently as a woman hell-bent on taking away due process from men, actually used a quote from Sulkowicz in a press release. That page is now a 404 (because, of course). Yes, Senator Gillibrand has a habit of showing rearing her face where charges that have no supporting evidence of any crime occurring happen.

More familiar? Nungesser incurred three more charges of sexual assault.

All of it was disproven.

We never heard a peep from Gillibrand’s office. Of course, maybe that’s because she still supports Sulkoqicz, a woman whose allegations have more evidence that she’s a criminal than the man she accused of a crime.

Her life is just fine. She’s now doing performance art in New York. She’s not carrying the mattress around anymore, but, she’s carrying the mattress around completely.

Sulkowicz was celebrated by places such as the Huffington Post. They still celebrate her in 2018.

Here’s Jezebel celebrating her in 2018.

She’s a hero. 

Dr. Ford will be a hero just as well, no matter how the Senate vote turns out this week (if they even take the vote).

Any man who didn’t pay attention during the Sulkowicz travesty is certainly paying attention to the Kavanaugh travesty.

And that’s going to have repercussions.

Robot Sex Brothels – Maybe Not Such Lunacy, Afterall

It’s been established that liberals consider due process to be victim shaming and unsupportive of their frequent political agendas. It’s been established that evidence can only support the accusation as happening, not exonerate an accused (no matter how blatantly obvious that evidence may be).

What good would videotaping sexual encounters be if those tapes would be thrown out of court or labeled as victim shaming by the lynch mob?

As laughable or as morally reprehensible (depending on who you ask) as it may seem, sex robots may become a way for men to decrease their risk of “misunderstandings.”

A sex robot is a hedged bet against the lunacy of collapsed due process.

If you know you aren’t going to be protected by natural rights, by humane standards, by a modern system of evidence and proceedings, would you really be willing to take the risk?

Believe Women.

That’s where we are. If you don’t fall in line with the mantra, you’ll be cast out amongst the rest of us heathens.

No one is likely to ever be asked to “believe robots.” At least, I should say, for now. Though I wouldn’t put it past liberals to eventually find a way to include robots into their fray of lunacy.

As a parent, would you rather your son use a robotic companion or have to watch him be lynched in the town square?

It isn’t so far-fetched that we’ll all have to consider something near-narrative in the coming years.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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