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Parents Furious Over Kindergarten Having ‘Gender Reveal’ Party

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Parents Furious Over Kindergarten Having ‘Gender Reveal’ Party

The book, “I Am Jazz,” was read to Rocklin Academy Gateway School kids back in early June. The book was brought to the school by a kindergarten child with transgender status. The story is about a transgender child named Jazz who explains to their classmates what transgender is.

“I have a girl brain but a boy body,” Jazz says in the book. “This is called transgender. I was born this way!”

Later in the day, another teacher read a book about a crayon confused over its identity. Yes, a crayon. The book is called “Red: A Crayon’s story,” which like “I Am Jazz,” is written to help 4 to 8-year-olds understand what transgender means.

But parents were not thrilled, to say the least, and protested the school back in June. Two children have been removed from the school as well. The school has been forced to hire outside public relations as a way to try to manage the damage control.

The school doesn’t deny the books were read, however, they do deny that the “gender reveal” party took place. They claim the little boy went to the bathroom and changed into a dress and returned to the classroom without a celebration. But for many, this seems enough to deem it a celebration of gender transition.

According to the KC Star

“A couple of girls complimented her on her dress,” Antoon said. “We were so proud of how the kids can handle this in a way that clearly the adults are having a hard time with.”

The parents have hired Karen England of  Capitol Resource Institute, a conservative advocacy group based in Nevada. England has a harsh reputation with the lesbian and gay community, having fought against many of their proposed changes. Of particular noteworthiness, England fought against transgenders being able to join sports teams for their opposite naturally defined gender.

“The average parent doesn’t want to have this conversation in kindergarten, and it was forced upon them,” England told the Sacramento Bee.

The school claims that while there may seem to be hysteria, many of the parents are happy with the school’s decision to push transgender ideas on the students. They feel the school is helping to normalize it.

The author of the book, “I Am Jazz,” has a video on youtube where you can learn more.

Do you feel that it should be left to the schools to normalize transgender? Or are these parents right to fight?

Author: Jim Satney

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