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Rock Star Says He Won’t Be Told To ‘Stay In’ & ‘Go F%^& Yourselves’

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Rock Star Says He Won’t Be Told To ‘Stay In’ & ‘Go F%^& Yourselves’

A growing list of celebrities, including Joe Rogan and David Portnoy, are expressing concern over draconian coronavirus shutdowns nationwide. Now, add Roger Daltry, the WHO’s lead singer, to the list of critics over an erratic health policy that’s ruining global economies.

Daltry is 76 and considered to be at high-risk for serious coronavirus symptoms, if not worse. But that’s not stopping the rock star from lambasting the chosen method of telling everyone to stay at home.

The musician commented on the UK’s Express: “I live in the countryside so it’s a lot easier, I cannot imagine what it must be like stuck in London in a flat with a couple of kids.

“I’m not moaning about anything but equally as a 76-year-old, I’m not going to be told by anybody to stay in.”

“Go f*** yourselves. We can’t wrap ourselves in cotton wool,” he added.

Daltry next takes jabs at scientists who have pushed this shutdown agenda and implies that dissenting scientists are largely ignored.

“For every academic that’s telling us one thing on the science, there’s an equally academic scientist on the other side of the fence saying: ‘No, you’re wrong and this what we should do.’

“No wonder the public’s confused, no wonder the Government’s confused and no wonder that, all around the world, there are different results on how we’re getting through it.”

He continued, comparing different countries would be like comparing “apples and oranges”.

“I’m very proud of us for that, and again our frontline clinicians and clinical care workers, I’ll clap all day long for,” he added.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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