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Roy Moore Accuser Now Admits She Partly Forged Yearbook Signature

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Roy Moore Accuser Now Admits She Partly Forged Yearbook Signature

A woman that has accused Roy Moore of attempting to have a sexual relationship with her while she was in her teens is now coming under further scrutiny. Beverly Young Nelson has now admitted to ABC news that she forged some of the notes underneath of the Roy Moore yearbook signing, which she has up until now, contended offered proof that she and Moore had a relationship during her high school years. The yearbook signature was used as damning evidence by her attorney, Gloria Allred.

“Beverly, he did sign your yearbook?” ABC’s Tom Llamas asked her.

“He did sign it,” she said.

“And you made some notes underneath?” Llamas asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

The notes “12-22-77 Olde Hickory House” are below the signature, although further clarity would be needed to understand which notes Nelson refers to in the interview with ABC. Nelson read the entire yearbook signature on a national stage set by attorney Allred, whereas Allred suggested Moore as a potential pedophile.

Moore was quick to react to the news, writing on Twitter, “Now she herself admits to lying.” He also seems to suggest that news portals beyond Fox News are unlikely to cover the events (although it seems to have originated during an ABC interview).

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Moore continues to lead polls in Alabama, something that’s irked liberals across the country who don’t specifically enjoy the concept of legal due process. With Al Franken suggesting he will remove himself from office “at some point in the future,” many believe this is a push to rid Moore of his likely winning position. There is no court case pending. By law, Moore is innocent until proven guilty. To hope or suggest that things be different is to push for kangaroo courts, which wouldn’t turn out as well as many liberals think for the any of us.

Moore’s potential issues are something Alabama voters must take into account. Do they believe the accusers, or do they lean towards the potential side that is a lying media? If it is the latter and if Moore truly is guilty, the liberal media would have only itself to thank for a Moore win.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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