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Russia Appoints Actor Steven Seagal As Russian Envoy For U.S. Relations

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Russia Appoints Actor Steven Seagal As Russian Envoy For U.S. Relations

The Russian Foreign Ministry has appointed a new “special representative” for its humanitarian purposes. Actor Steven Seagal will fill the role and as you can imagine, that’s causing quite a stir with comparisons being made to former NBA star Dennis Rodman’s efforts with North Korea.

Amidst some of the most turbulent times between the United States and Russia, mostly due to media-fabrication and fear mongering pieces, the Russian Foreign Ministry took to their Facebook page to make the bold announcement, saying that the assignment of Seagal is an effort to “promote the further development of Russian-American relations in the humanitarian sphere, including interaction in the field of culture, art, public and youth exchanges and more.”

The “and more,” although a bit unclear, seems to be Seagal’s additional role serving as United Nations goodwill ambassador. Or at least, according to the Russian Foreign Minstry, his humanitarian efforts will be “similar” in scope.

Seagal is a Russian citizen since 2016 and has maintained close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the years. In fact, Seagal is considered so close to Putin that Ukraine won’t let him enter their country. In other words, none of this news serves as a big surprise to anyone.

Seagal will be tasked with improving the relationship between the United States and Russia.

Here’s a Russian interview from 2017 with Seagal.

Before becoming a worldly diplomat who’s ambtion and job description is to settle the score between America and Russia, Seagal stared in such Hollywood movies as On Deadly Grounds, Exit Wounds, Above The Law, and Under Seige. It is unclear how much of his role as an action hero he will utilize in pursuing world political balance and respect.

President Trump has not commented on the matter of Seagal’s new Russian role, but I’m quite confident he’ll be asked about it at the next White House presser (because only the toughest, most vital national security questions are explored during White House pressers). We also might wonder if the Mueller investigation will explore Seagal (I’m serious, sadly).

Of course, the meltdowns over Seagal’s new appointment were as predictable as they were outrageous.

Here is Seagal himself fanning out over fellow actors just prior to his appointment.

Photo by Gage Skidmore


Author: Jim Satney

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