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Russia Test ‘Undetectable Hypersonic Missile’ On Christmas

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Russia Test ‘Undetectable Hypersonic Missile’ On Christmas

Russia tested a hypersonic missile on Christmas day, promptly releasing the footage of the powerful military component worldwide.

Merry Christmas, from Russia.

Russian officials claim the new Avangard missile, which is deployed via the top of an ICBM, can reach speeds of Mach 5 all the way up to Mach 20. That’s incredibly fast (obviously) which leaves some to accuse the Russians of hyperbole.

The Avangard, according to Russia, is also able to be kept in total control on its descent back to earth. Once again, if true, the Russians have built missile technology that would prove difficult for modern militaries to defend against. The United States is hardly unaware of such threats resulting from what’s known as hypersonic technology, in fact, the U.S. military has billions earmarked with defense military giants like Lockheed Martin to beef up defenses against this very threat.

In other words, these Russian military exercise shows aren’t going unnoticed, nor are they being taken lightly.

Putin released a statement regarding the hypersonic missile test, where he declared it a success. I’m not sure we’d expect him to claim anything else, however.

“On my instructions the industrial enterprises and the Defense Ministry have prepared for and carried out the final test of this system,” Putin said through Russia’s state-owned TASS. “The test was completely successful: all technical parameters were verified.”

The video, narrated appropriately in Russian, begins with an underground cellar door opening in what appears to be cold Russian tundra. Smoke (or warm interaction with extremely cold air) eminates from the hole in the ground. Early on, you sort of expect “Spies Like Us” to walk through. That does not happen, instead, a massive plume of smoke and fire blow through the hole and the video quickly pans to a shot of the horizon. The narrator seemingly celebrates the detonation while in view of the rocket launch.

Russia’s statements over the Avangard launch aren’t exactly proven by the video alone. For example, there is no view of the missile retreating back to earth. You can’t tell the speed of the missile. We never see the body of the missile.

But that doesn’t make the show of force any less unsettling. Relations between Russia and the United States have been somewhat unstable for the past two years. The Democrats widely publicized investigation into “Russian election meddling” hasn’t done any favors to the icy relations.


Author: Jim Satney

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