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Report Claims Russia Has ‘Doomsday Device’ Ready To Use

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Report Claims Russia Has ‘Doomsday Device’ Ready To Use

The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has sounded a major western alarm claiming that Russia could indeed, alleging that Russia has a “doomsday device” ready to fire.

Kadyrov is well known for making remarks that his region consistently and frequently tortures and kills gays. His quest to be a subhuman leader who maims its own citizens has never been hidden; however, if we are to believe his latest rant, more than just his region should be concerned. It might not be a bad time to get your bug out bag list in order.

Kadyrov said, “America is not really a strong enough state for us to regard it as an enemy of Russia. We have a strong government and are a nuclear state. Even if our government was completely destroyed, our nuclear missiles would be automatically deployed. We will put the whole world on its knees and screw it from behind.” That comment certainly puts the left’s insistence on a war with Russia in perspective.  And Kadyrov is probably being more accurate than not in that statement.

Now, it should be noted that many believe his claims of torturing and killing gays are fabricated (I’d lean towards it being absolutely true). This has caused some to speculate he’s just blowing wind with his doomsday rhetoric. However, mainstream sources seem not so confident in his banter being without merit.

An article in the New York Times touting the extreme possibility of mutually destructive nuclear war seems to back this up. They claim Russia constructed the mechanisms in the 1980s throughout the cold war. It is being termed a “Perimeter System.” The system is activated when it senses a nuclear strike. There are, apparently, bunkers where certain people could survive under such extreme conditions. We don’t have to guess who the survivors would likely be.

If another country attacked Russia, Russia’s nuclear arsenal would be unleashed on the world. According to Bruce Blair, a former US Nuclear Officer, the automated foundation of the system poses serious threats to global safety.  “One concern is that it’s highly automated, and cyber attacks, for example, or other phenomena, natural or man-made, could set it off,” Blair said. “It poses a risk of accidental nuclear attack by Russia.”

“This was designed to retaliate massively against the US. What the specific targets are in this plan no one really knows, but it can be safely assumed it’s large-scale,” Blair said, noting that all US based cities would be threatened and potentially destroyed.

Our world is in turmoil as the political (Brexit/Trump) and economical (Cryptocurrencies) systems continue to be placed under stress. The threat of war is as high as it has been in our lifetime and preparedness is everything. Be sure to follow our prepper website as much as possible and keep up with the latest news.

In the end, there isn’t much one can do regarding such a threat other than prepare.

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Author: Jim Satney

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