San Diego Residents Warned of Deadly Ticks Along Hiking Trails

ticks san diego Tularemia

San Diego County Vector Control is warning residents to beware of ticks carrying a deadly bacterial disease. The disease, tularemia, is also known as “rabbit fever.” Officials are finding most of the ticks in the Lopez Canyon Trail area, a popular trail for hiking and walking dogs. The disease can also wreak havoc on pets, rabbits, and rodents.

While tularemia was found in ticks last year, the Lopez Canyon Trail tick is the first of the year. More cases are expected.

san diego ticks Tularemia bacteria infectionTicks are also known to carry Lyme disease, spotted fever, and other tick-borne illnesses.

Residents are being encouraged to stay on populated hiking trails and not venture off into less traveled areas. Additionally, people should wear long sleeves and pants, hats, and white clothing. White clothing doesn’t discourage ticks from latching on, they do however make it easier for the person to spot them. Avoid wild animals, tall grass, and weeds. Ticks use tall grass blades to find new hosts, such as people. Residents are encouraged to visit the Department of Environmental Health’s website for more information. Also, refer to our tick repellent and survival guide.

If you do find a tick on you, make sure to use tweezers to slowly pull it straight out. Don’t twist, you risk breaking the tick’s head off into your skin. If you find bullseye rings at the spot of the bite, see a doctor. Bullseye rings are a sign of potential Lyme disease.

Author: Jim Satney

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