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Saudi Arabia Threatens Canada With 9-11 Imagery Following Heated Exchange

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Saudi Arabia Threatens Canada With 9-11 Imagery Following Heated Exchange

Saudi Arabia is being accused of threatening Canada with a “9-11 style attack” after a vile infographic surfaced earlier today.

The infographic shows an Air Canada flight flying in the direction of the CN Tower, located in downtown Toronto and, much like the former World Trade Towers in New York City, is seen as a staple to Toronto’s skyline.
saudi canada 9-11 threat
The image was produced by a Saudi Arabian social media group called Infographic KSA. They are wildly popular in the Middle East with over 350,000 Twitter followers, not counting their vast Instagram presence. Clearly, this group exists under an authoritarian regime that doesn’t exactly allow for rogue meme’ing.

The image is now seemingly edited (or deleted), eliminating the plane, but maintaining the same rogue and intimidating rhetoric towards Ontario, Canada. It is possible that the original Tweet was simply deleted following outrage.


The outrage over the matter was fast, furious, and decisive, to say the least.

So what’s the rift between Saudi Arabia and Canada?

Last Friday, Canada condemned Saudi Arabia for widespread human rights abuses, demanding that they release a number of human rights activist. Riyadh responded to the criticism just as you’d expect them to have responded, by lashing out and freezing new Canadian trade deals and calling Canada’s synopsis of Saudi Arabian human rights as “totally false!”

One of the main activists of concern is imprisoned Samar Badawi. Badawi suffered abuse from her father for 15 years, eventually turning to Saudi Arabian activism to help and inspire other women. But using a law structure known as the male guardianship system, her father was able to have her charged with civil disobedience. She was imprisoned on April 4, 2010, and spent 6 months in a Saudi Arabian prison.

Two days ago, Badawi and fellow activist Nassima al-Sadah, were both detained by Saudi Officials for continuing to serves as activists.

President Trump has taken a hardline on countries in the middle-east, most notably Iran, something has even caused the Washington Post to sing his praises.

However, Trump, nor his administration, have served up any official responses regarding Saudi Arabia’s harsh treatment of activists. The news continues to break. How this situation might turn out and if the activists will be released remains to be seen, though, if Saudi Arabia’s social media wing’s recent 9-11 inspired meme serves as any insight, the issue will remain a volatile one for some time.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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