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Scientist Admits Geoengineering Is Very Real On CBS Interview


Scientist Admits Geoengineering Is Very Real On CBS Interview

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have roused the rabble from all directions. Hurricane Jose, along with two new potential hurricanes in the Atlantic have led to polarizing debates over “climate change.” Unfortunately, there is never much clarity in terms of what “climate change” implies or means. Beyonce attributed the Mexico earthquake to climate change, so clearly, society as a whole is just running away with that label and using it in the most reckless of senses.

Many believe that human intervention, also known as geoengineering and weather modification, are responsible for increased potency in weather events. But those who believe in these concepts are known as “conspiracy theorist,” a label often applied to people who refuse to buy into mainstream narratives. The fact is, human weather modification/geoengineering are real. Science has advanced to a level that allows for humans to alter weather. One of the most popular methods used is cloud seeding. Here’s a whole post on NASA images that some think show government cloud seeing fueling the recent rash of hurricanes. Clearly, Bill Nye believes in geoengineering or he wouldn’t be recommending dumping ping pong balls into our oceans as a way to reflect the evil sun’s rays.

However, any rhetoric put forth that cast geoengineering and monster hurricanes in the same light tend to cause the speaker or writer to become a labeled pariah. I’m trying to avoid such, I’m simply putting forth unique ideas and thoughts that are less than mainstream. That said, I’m not saying that the recent hurricanes were man-made. To be honest, I think we’ve always had powerful hurricanes (see Hurricane Camille, see Hurricane Alan). Those were both monster hurricanes that happened well before anyone thought SUVs were the precipitator. This isn’t to say that geoengineering, nor man-made climate change, isn’t happening. It is plausible to believe that they both are in some fraction of a way.

Back in 2013, a highly respected physics professor admitted that man can in fact, geoengineer the weather using lasers.

“We physicists are firing trillion watt lasers into the sky to actually precipitate rain clouds and potentially bring down lightning volts”

“Ultra-short lasers launched into the atmosphere have emerged as a promising prospective tool for weather modulation and climate studies.

“Such prospects include lightning control and laser-assisted condensation.”

Yes, physicist Michio Kaku claims that we are completely capable of weather modification.

At one point during the interview, Kaku seems to imply that this would be a positive way to help us with things such as weddings and football games. As per the usual company line, we are always being told that such power and authority is for our good so that we forget about how nefarious it could turn out.

Kaku claims that in the 60’s, the United States attempted to weaken hurricanes. For many, the thought now is, could any government (including ours) be spawning hurricanes. Clearly, it isn’t difficult to see why a foreign government might want to send a category 5 hurricane our way. But what about our own government sending one to the U.S mainland? Well, hurricane damage can distract the people. It can also stimulate specific economies such as construction. And it can subjugate the people. The more people lose, the more they rely on the government for assistance.

Alan Robock of Rutgers who is considered an expert in the field of climate change also agrees that the science to modify our weather most certainly does exist. Here’s his take per The Independent.

Am I saying that’s what is happening? No, but there should be no issue in discussing concepts like geoengineering without penalty. The Telegraph did so back in 2013. But ah, times have certainly changed these days since President Trump and Hillary Clinton went to battle.

One thing is certain, the climate change debate will continue onward. Unfortunately, at this juncture, it seems like celebrities are in charge of it. Climate change has become a part of the indoctrination process at universities all over the world. To say that “the science is settled” is ultimately a hypocrisy. But that has never stopped anyone on the extreme Left from using it.

Where do you stand on geoengineering? Our nefarious infrastructures spawning massive weather events? Or is it that we eat too much meat and refuse to take the bus? Give us your thoughts in the comments, we are always up for some good debate and feedback!


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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