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Scientists Now Want Lithium Added To Our Water

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Scientists Now Want Lithium Added To Our Water

As the movement to stop adding additional chemicals, such as fluoride, to our natural water supplies grow, scientists continually remind us that our water supply is always being threatened. This time, scientists are pitching the idea that adding lithium to our water supply could help solve our dementia crisis. Here’s the study.

Hint: you could look for the best survival water filter online and prepare yourself for the worst. But let’s all just hope this is just talk.

A new study is reporting that by adding lithium to our water, we’d prevent lots of dementia cases from ever happening. The study was conducted at the University of Copenhagen using comparison data pulls from water supplies in Denmark. They found, as you have likely already guessed, that the places with increased lithium levels also showed indications of less dementia cases. The researchers were quick to point out that there are other factors at play (let’s hope that common sense prevails, here).

However, and here’s the competency failure you were waiting for, the researchers have suggested that it is worth investigating the addition of lithium to our water supply. Lithium, of course, is a metal and it can be found in water supplies, such as the water supplies in Britain. The scientists are putting forth the concept that 15 micrograms per liter is the amount needed to achieve lower dementia rates in a community.

Lithium is used as a pharmaceutical solution for those with bipolar disorder. Some experiments using rats have suggested that lithium enhances memory. And of course, that takes us to even worse, more threatening territory. Read what Allan Young, a Professor at Mood Disorders at King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry told the Telegraph.

“This study fits well with previous evidence which shows that environmental lithium may have health benefits and lithium may prevent dementia.

“At a population level the effects would be considerable as even if lithium only delayed the onset of dementia by months for each person, over the nation that would amount to a lot of healthier months.

“Although some may say that lithium should be ‘added to the water’ the first step might be to conduct clinical trials to examine the preventative effects of lithium first.”

At what point do doctors suggest we add Paxil to our water supply? This is a terrible slippery slope.

Yes, there is such a thing as lithium poisoning at higher levels. But that’s not even the core issue for me. The issue at play is that the government should absolutely never consider adding any additional chemicals into our water. It should be the will of the people to decide for themselves if they want to add any additional chemicals to their water. The fact that adding lithium to our water is now being investigated is already a tragic failure no matter the result. At some point, a lithium producing company will step in to fund more and more biased studies until the lithium gets added (let’s hope this isn’t the case, but history is our teacher).

The people deserve a right to untainted natural resources and water would be at the top of such lists. Man made out rather well drinking water, sans fluoride and lithium, for a great many centuries. It would be difficult to justify adding chemicals to our water now unless that justification is to drive revenue or sedate the herd. A nation full of zombies we might some day officially be. I have no issue with someone making the decision to add a chemical for themselves after it has run from the tap, but certainly, we can’t allow the government to do such.

Water in America is becoming more and more of a concern in terms of natural resource needs. California relies strongly on the Colorado river, which many have long believed could precipitate engagement from Mexico if lack of water continues to plague that country. We need to use water more modestly, our lawns are just fine a little brown. And we certainly must cease allowing it to be tainted by government wings and scientists.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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