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Scientists Propose We ‘Dim Sun’ To Save Corals

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Scientists Propose We ‘Dim Sun’ To Save Corals

Scientists are now proposing that we dim the sun as a way to save our planet, specifically, our corals. And it is as odd an idea as it sounds. The idea is that by dimming the sun, we can prevent a process known as coral bleaching.

coral bleachingCoral bleaching is the process by which healthy algae is released from the corals. The vitality of such healthy algae living inside of the corals is a central component to the overall health of a coral reef. Bleached corals don’t exactly die, but the coral will assume a state of starvation sans the healthy algae’s presence. Coral bleaching has played a critical role in the Left’s aggressive indoctrination of global warming and climate change agendas, most recently citing that coral is now dying at an epic rate. They are particularly hyper-focused on the Great Barrier reef off the coastlines of Australia. Climatologists are claiming that almost half of the coral on those reefs have been subject to the coral bleaching process, causing a state of reef endangerment.

As a result of this proposed scenario, the Left is now pushing to change the way the planet interacts with the sun through a process of geoengineering as a way to save these coral reefs. Before we get to that, let’s look at what the alleged causes of coral bleaching are (this is important):

  • Rising water temperatures (the Left assures this being the result of global warming)
  • Ultraviolet lights or, the sun
  • Bacterial infections present in the reefs
  • Overfishing which increases zooplankton which starves the reef of oxygen
  • sedimentation
  • Herbicides (yep)
  • Modified saline levels
  • Lower tides which expose the reefs to the elements, like the evil sun
  • Cyanide fishing. Nope, not a joke, they spray cyanide in the water to shock the fish, so they can capture them and imprison them in beautiful aquariums at resorts where elite climate change enthusiasts relax on vacations.
  • Dust storms in Africa tend to have their dust blown over reefs.
  • Sunscreen use leads to toxic sunscreen ingredients being released into the waters and that serves to harm the reefs. But don’t worry, it is fine to rub all over your skin (sarcasm alert).

So, it seems, dumping sunscreen and cyanide in our waters, fishing in indulgent practices, herbicides, normal natural processes such as lower tides and dust storms, are contributing to poorer coral reef health. BUT, let’s block the sun!

Now that we’ve acquired a necessary logic fallacy, let’s please proceed.

United Kingdom scientists from the University of Bedfordshire want to dim out the sun to help resolve this problem. They also believe this will have the added value of stopping hurricanes. Because hurricanes are also being blamed for destroying coral reefs, and islands that sit in the sea where hurricanes tend to happen. The scientists are claiming A study by one of their own at the university, James Crabbe, proves that “squirting a cloud of sulphate [dioxide] aerosols into the upper atmosphere” will work to dim the sun and solve all of the earth’s problems.

The concept is that warm sea waters lead to corals kicking those healthy algae out. This creates a photosynthesis dilemma. So the way to solve the problem, clearly, is to geoengineer the sun’s rays so that they aren’t acting to terrorize our planet with warmth. Because what could go wrong? Well, a lot, actually.

By modifying the intensity of the sun’s rays, you modify the entire ecosystem, not just that of the reef’s. You can’t possibly project the impact this may have on animals and plant life and organisms populating an entire planet, all of which have evolved both in short bursts and long durations as our climate naturally swings.

Pumping heavy metals into our environment is the worst idea I can think of in terms of “saving the corals.” Let’s discuss the bullet points above: Why not stop resorts from using aquariums if the sea life inside the aquariums are poached using cyanide in our oceans? Can we not be inconvenienced enough to not have a lobby aquarium at our beachside resort? What about regulating the toxic nature of sunscreens so that we have less crap in our oceans? Or, maybe we should consider when and where we spray dangerous herbicides?

No, instead, let’s go after the sun for being warm. That’s the solution. Clearly, that’s the most reasonable approach, at least for some geoengineering company looking to turn profits by producing the heavy metals. Climate change or global warming, whichever is the soup de jour of the day, is largely an excuse to begin a massive geoengineering assault on our planet. And it is inexcusable that the herd continues to fall for such ridiculous measures. Are they so indoctrinated that they can no longer use their own common sense to wade through the garbage? There are a handful of verified causes of coral reef fallout, yet we decide to focus on the one item that’s natural and doing its job.

Our planet depends on the sun. Dimming it is a ridiculous proposition that could have dire effects on our entire planet. The ebbs and flows of nature should not be altered in any way. There is no supporting science which shows that dimming the sun would overall benefit the human race centuries in the future. Allowing Liberal agendas to infiltrate our society is costing us our future. We need to get a grasp on reality again. Breathing in heavy metals can’t be good for our health.

Photo by art_es_anna

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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