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Scientists Warn Weather Wars Are Upon Us, Say Geoengineering May End Badly

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Scientists Warn Weather Wars Are Upon Us, Say Geoengineering May End Badly

The push for geoengineering will take center stage in the 2020 presidential campaign. Democratic long-shot Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, believes the only way we can save earth is to control weather through geoengineering agendas. And he’s asking the federal government to earmark funds for the strategy. Yang is controversial by nature of his platform where he has a host of other outlier opinions. But geoengineering, as a strategy to quell climate change, is gaining public support.

While many scientists (and fake scientists like Bill Nye who want to cover our oceans with reflective bubbles) support geoengineering, others are beginning to speak out regarding the agenda’s potentially deadly consequences.

One of those critics is Juan Moreno-Cruz, a geoengineering researcher who feels the agenda amounts to a potential WW3.

“The threat of war never is out of the question.” He told Business Insider.

Moreno-Cruz’s sentiment certainly assumes a logical position. Let’s break this down.

If the Russian’s decide they want to reflect more sunlight back towards the sun to help prevent drought conditions in their country, that may cause drought conditions in the United States. The United States could move to counter with reactive geoengineering warfare methods. It would become a saber waving political climate much as we see with nuclear weapons.

Only things might not stalemate.

Countries could attack other countries by starving them or flooding them or freezing them. The acts of warfare concepts are both unlimited and terrifying.

World Meteorological Organization scientist Andrea Flossmann told WMO report “The atmosphere has no walls. What you add may not have the desired effect in your vicinity, but by being transported along might have undesired effects elsewhere.”

It would be nearly impossible to get world leaders to agree on what’s “appropriate geoengineering.”

But we may be too late to stop the geoengineering agenda. The ‘man-made climate change’ propaganda that fuels the new geoengineering agenda is hardly losing steam. It remains a top political talking point for world leaders and the incoming Democratic Presidential candidates. In other words, the public is being told that geoengineering is the only way to save earth.

Weather wars, as some might term them, are a logical next step to the advent of geoengineering. And that’s not to mention the many other associated risks attached to geoengineering. Beyond just weather wars, the idea of man tampering with nature is beyond irresponsible. Spraying sulphate into the stratosphere, or reflecting the sun, or blocking the sun, will have repercussions far worse than a changing climate. Even Bill Gates is working to block the sun.

We are, by nature, a greedy, self-serving bunch. Allowing elitist nation leaders and dictators to manipulate the weather is a recipe for civil unrest and unfathomable disruption. It could lead to the collapse of the United States and shift power to those who hold the most potent weather war technology. The Chinese want to control the weather (they’ve built one of the world’s largest geoengineering research labs). The Russians want to control the weather. The United States wants to control the weather. Even North Korea wants to control the weather.

Assuming any of this is done to help the greater good of the world is naive. Dictators, Presidents, and all world leaders want to gain more power. There is little more powerful than exploiting and controlling global weather patterns.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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