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Deputy Who Hid From Shooter Refused To Investigate Him In 2016

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Deputy Who Hid From Shooter Refused To Investigate Him In 2016


According to a report released by the  Washington Post, embattled former School Resource Deputy Scot Peterson refused a 2016 request by investigators to share potentially vital information over Nikolas Cruz, the accused mass shooter in last weeks tragedy The Post sources their claim from a Florida Department of Children and Families report.

Peterson was forced to retire after security video showed that he refused to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School while Cruz was firing upon children and unarmed staff. The report says that Peterson “refused to share any information … regarding [an] incident that took place with the shooter.”

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel’s staff has admitted that it received information in 2016 which disclosed that Cruz was ambitiously seeking to carry out a mass shooting at a school. The office claims it had no information on which school would be the target. Here’s where things get murky and, honestly, unsettling. The sheriff’s office claims it looked into the matter and found that Cruz had a pellet gun and some knives. This information was then transferred over to the school resource officer. While the report doesn’t name Peters as the school resource officer, it is beginning to seem that’s potentially the case. There is no clarity as to whether or not Peterson investigated the matter.

Is the police department actively covering up its own mishaps? If so, the gun control narrative is certainly ample distraction to help shuffle the focus away from their potential irresponsibility in the matter. It now seems clear that something is out of sync and the gun control agenda is tightly wound to blunting the indiscretions.

President Trump’s response to liberal calls for gun control has been to push for banning bump stocks, increase the age of gun ownership to 21, and allow concealed carry in public schools. Liberals, however, are pushing for either full gun bans (revoking the 2nd amendment), AR-15 bans, or general semi-automatic bans. Cruz used an M&P Sport 2 to carry out the attack, one which he legally purchased. If claims of botched police work from 2016 are true, Cruz could have been arrested for conspiracy to commit a crime which might have eventually affected his background check.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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