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Security Expert Claims North Korean EMP Attack Most Likely Via Satellites

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Security Expert Claims North Korean EMP Attack Most Likely Via Satellites

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The drums of war are currently beating based on an idea that North Korea has capable nuclear missiles, however, one Homeland Security expert continues to warn us of a threat that’s orbiting above us. Dr. Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Congressional Task Force on National and Homeland Security and chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, is warning that two North Korean satellites orbiting above us could be easily used to carry out a “surprise” EMP attack that could devastate our country. Do you know how to survive an EMP attack?

Pry was commenting on the North Korean potential military engagement scenario while on New York’s 970 AM show, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.”

“We should not be tolerating the North Korean satellites that are orbiting over our country. There are two of them. And the intelligence community is still silent about those,” said Pry.

Pry is specifically talking about two North Korean satellites that were launched as a way to monitor the United States named KMS 3-2 and KMS-4. One was launched in 2012, the other in 2016.

“The EMP Commission has officially been warning about those satellites especially now that the (intelligence) community admits that North Korea can miniaturize warheads,” Pry stated. “Our argument all along has been that they could make weapons small enough to put on those satellites that pass over the United States on the optimum trajectory for an EMP attack on North America.”

“And they would obviously be a basis for a surprise EMP attack if North Korea wants to commit aggression against South Korea. Or to blackmail us if we were going to intervene to deliver on our security guarantees for Japan, South Korea or the Pacific.”

Pry went on to say that the satellites are orbiting at “optimum height for putting an EMP field over all 48 contiguous United States.”

Pry also stated that he feels deploying EMP attack points “is exactly the kind of thing that he (North Korean leader Kim Jong Un) would do.  It would make strategic sense to do it. We do know that Kim Jong Un is a risk-taker.” In other words, militarily, this makes complete sense from the perspective of the North Korean regime. Pry said that they North Koreans are likely to target “our electrical grid and our civilian critical infrastructure. And they only need one weapon to do that.”

“The North Koreans basically I think got this idea from the Russians. They had called it the Fractional Orbital Bombardment System. … The idea was that you would use a peaceful space launch vehicle to launch what would appear to look like a peaceful satellite. And it would even fly away from us on a South Polar trajectory so that it wasn’t coming toward the United States. But it would really be a nuclear weapon. And the reason it would come up from the south is that we don’t have any ballistic missile early warning radars facing the south and no interceptors. We are blind and defenseless from the South.

The first thing we would know is when the [North Korean] satellite detonated at high altitude over the United States at about three hundred kilometers which are the orbits of these satellites. The optimum height for putting an EMP field over all 48 contiguous United States. In the Soviet plan, the idea was to paralyze command and control, our bombers, our missiles so that they would then be able to launch a massive disarming strike that would then come across the North Pole and strike us. The North Koreans don’t have enough missiles to do something like that, and their object is not to paralyze our strategic forces as much as it would be to kill our people.”

Pry suggested that the Intelligence Community is intentionally keeping us in the dark over the threat.  “This is such an act of irresponsibility for both the intelligence community and … the mainstream media. To leave the American people pretty much in the dark about this. Because if we did get an international crisis where we were gearing up to intervene on our security guarantees it would be an enormous shock for people.” In other words, make sure you have your bug out bag essentials.

This is exactly the issue with the relationship between the media and our government, we are only receiving a pipeline of conveniently organized propaganda pieces, rather than respectable journalism that could save our lives. An EMP attack would devastate our country and likely lead to complete meltdown of society as we know it. Those who are prepared would be the ones who are able to survive for the longest period of time. A few weeks back, I wrote a full guide on how a North Korea EMP attack could be our most realistic threat. But most Americans are myopically only considering what they are being fed from the mainstream media. North Korea is likely undersized militarily to endure any long term combat activities, which is why an EMP attack makes the most reasonable sense for them. It allows them to completely devastate our infrastructure. Our economy would die. Civil unrest would become common place.

“People will be psychologically unprepared for that at all levels of the government from the president all the way down to the man on the street. So, the failure to at least talk about this possibility is actually helping our enemies put us in a situation where they could achieve their political and military goals.” Pry also stated.

He’s exactly correct. Our power grid is our most exposed vulnerability. It is incapable of protecting itself from an EMP strike, that’s just fact. While power companies claim they may be able to rectify the situation in years to come, that doesn’t do us a whole lot of good right now. It won’t be prepared until 202o at the earliest.

In a statement, DARPA said it is “interested, specifically, in early warning of impending attacks, situation awareness, network isolation and threat characterization in response to a widespread and persistent cyberattack on the power grid and its dependent systems. Potentially relevant technologies include anomaly detection, planning and automated reasoning, mapping of conventional and industrial control systems networks, ad hoc network formation, analysis of industrial control systems protocols, and rapid forensic characterization of cyber threats in industrial control system devices.”

One can’t feel very comfortable hearing that. And one can’t ignore the idea that the North Koreans likely understand this extreme vulnerability. They wouldn’t be able to win a war in any other facet. The key take away here isn’t to become too paranoid to exist and enjoy life, it is to realize what’s exposed and cut down on the potential fall out. Being that this is a prepper website, it isn’t difficult to surmise that my advice is to be just that: prepared. It is neither difficult nor costly to do so. Give us a follow on Facebook for lots of tips.

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Author: Jim Satney

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