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Senate Considering Euthanizing 1,000’s Of Wild Horses


Senate Considering Euthanizing 1,000’s Of Wild Horses

A new amendment could potentially allow the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management to sell of horses residing on federally owned properties without any regard for what may happen following the sale. According to an article on San Francisco’s CBS affiliate network, burros and mustangs roaming public lands would be at severe risk for being slaughtered.

The lands of concern sit only 50 miles from Cedar City in the barren lands of Utah. Helicopters have tragically already begun rounding up the horses.

“When you have horses that close, when they come into a trap site, they’re very fresh, they have a lot of energy. When you’re gathering wild horses, they are wild animals,” said Gus War to CBS, the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro lead for Utah.

There is some history here, however, and all this activity is being justified by ranchers who formerly sued the state over wild horses nearing their lands. Now helicopters round up the horses as a way to push them away. But the horses end up gathered up and then they are filed. They eventually end up in a facility that hopes to adopt them out. And BLM also claims that the horses are now at risk of starvation if they continue to roam in the way they currently do.

“I enjoy seeing a horse or two now and then, but it falls into the same category as seeing a nice big bull elk or nice big mule deer or a bear or something like that. But when it gets to be so many of them that they’re destroying their own habitat, they’re not pretty anymore,” said Matthew Wood.

These helicopter missions frighten the horses and to the onlooker, it can serve as a sad dose of cold reality. Many of the wild horses are injured during these round-ups, which has caused even more infuriation over the situation.

President Trump’s newest budget will allow for any excess wild horse to be subject to euthanasia processes. It could allow for horses to be sold to slaughterhouses. The new budget removes roughly $10 million from the wild horse management situation which leaves the fate of excess horses in dire straights. This translates to less time allotted for feeding horses in adoption shelters. It lowers the timeline that these shelters can continue to feed the horses and supply them shelter, which means less opportunity to adopt them out. At that point, the horses become subject to more unsavory resolutions.

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Worse more, the horse adoption industry is suffering from lower adoption numbers. What’s interesting is that the  American Wild Horse Campaign is calling BLM’s report of “wild horses potentially starving at their current numbers” just another round of fake news.

Here’s a direct excerpt from CBS local.

She says the BLM’s recommended number of wild horses on federal lands, 27,000 on 22 million acres, is absurdly low, and reports of starving horses are “fake news,” spread to convince the public that euthanasia is necessary.

“What has been proposed in this year’s budget, in this administration, is preposterous to the American public. We don’t believe that the American public will stand for it,” said Netherlands.

BLM employees claim this to be a false narrative and that they are acting with the best intentions for all involved parties. BLM claims the last thing they want to have happen is for these wild horses to end up in slaughterhouses. Only time will tell, however, how this will all play out.

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Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.