Mom Faces Fine After Not Having Doctor Excuse Children From School

Sheila Killian-Fay

Sheila Killian-Fay starts off the now viral video saying that she’s never before posted a live video on Social Media. But it seems she’s possibly found her niche after her recent video accumulated over 6.2k views at the time of this article’s publication.

“I have never posted a self video to social media, but I feel this is worth saying over and over…”

Killian-Fay starts off saying that the video disregards who the current President is and any other matters.

She goes on to say that she was “approached by a uniformed officer at [her] home.” She says the officer served her two pieces of paper, all while her neighbors and family looked on. These papers were subpoenas for the school attendance board concerning the attendance of her children.

After reading over the papers, she drove to the children’s schools to get a print out of their attendance. Of 125 days, they’d missed only 10 days, according to Killian-Fay. She called the school to say that the missed days were approved and justified.

“Education is the next most important thing to family and God that I’ve taught my children,” Killian-Fay asserts.

The attendance clerk, however, disputes Killian-Fay’s claim that the attendance is “excused,” citing that only a doctor’s note can justify a child missing school.

“When did it become that a doctor has more say-so over what they know about our children then what we do. When did it become that the parent who carried the child for over 9-months, taught their child how to walk, how to talk, how to eat, how to set a table, how to have manners in public, how to clean their bedroom, how to do their choirs, how to take care of their animals, how to have respect for adults; …When did it become that those people don’t have enough say-so anymore over their own children to take 10 days off of school out of 120 days?”

You need to let that simmer for a moment: the school told her, she claims, that only a doctor, not a parent, can excuse a child from school.

She claims that the state can fine her up to $500 per child over the issue if the school board finds that Killian-Fay is non-compliant. She claims that neither of her children has ever been in trouble and both are good students.

“When did it become OK to allow government to take control over our children?”

While this may be Killian-Fay’s first social media video and we can’t confirm her story, the fact is, she nails it. While the herd is distracted by salacious “Russia” and “adult star” narratives, parents continue to lose their rights at an astounding rate. As shown by the recent school walkout, the government is heavily involved in our children’s lives and thoughts. As more stringent mandatory vaccination laws have swept the nation, the government is heavily in control over our children’s medical futures. And as the government disarms, the common people will have little way to resist a future sans autonomy and free-will.

Slipper slopes are important for good reason; they are real, they exist, and they are always on the mark. When our public schools aren’t challenged on small issues, these issues grow into larger, more concerning issues. Killian-Fay is correct, parents at one time could govern their own children’s attendance. Now suddenly, we need a doctor’s intervention into attendance matters. That’s the slippery slope at play.

While homeschooling may certainly be a better solution, it isn’t the end game. If enough parents opt out of public schools, the government will carry its policy momentum into the homeschool faction. If you think the government will stand for a large percentage of parent’s removing their children from indoctrination factories, you’ve not been paying attention.

It is important that parents fight back now, rather than wait until they’ve lost too much power and the “old ways” are looked at as “non-progressive.” We will all be left with a futile arsenal to fight back with.

If you want to vaccinate your children, by all means, vaccinate them. If you want your children to miss school on Tuesday, don’t put them on the bus to school. If you want your child to learn about transgender lifestyles, teach them. If you want your child to celebrate Christmas, buy a tree and hang some lights from it. But by all means, stop believing that your beliefs should be widely enforced by the government that rules over us. Because someday, they will turn on you and stampede over your own personal, parental beliefs.


Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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