SOG Salute Mini Review

The SOG Salute Mini knife is a solid EDC knife that’s not only affordable but also backed by a solid brand. You either love or hate SOG knife designs, I happen to be on the side of love. I often carry my SOG Salute Mini as my EDC, though I admit it isn’t the ultimate best option. I just love the thing. If you are looking for a budget EDC knife, I list this as one of the better ones. You can look over my best EDC knife list for more options than just this SOG brand and version.

SOG Salute Mini Review – An Economical EDC Knife Experience

I’m a big believer in concealed carry of a firearm and EDC knife. I also believe this SOG Salute Mini is a perfect addition to a bug out bag.

About SOG Knives

SOG is a big brand maker of survival hatchets, survival and EDC knives, survival axes and multi-functional tools. Spencer Frazer started SOG knives using inspiration from tactical knives which were used by special forces in the Vietnam war. He specifically created a knife that was inspired by the SOG Bowie knife.

Now SOG is much more than a singular commemorative knife experience, rather, they have an entire line of high-quality and visually appealing knives. When you see a SOG, you know it. SOG tends to use black (or camo) hard cut casing that looks a bit more modern in style. They have a tactical appearance. Even their survival hatchets tend to have a tactical look to them. You commonly find SOG products at Field and Stream as well as Bass Pro Shop or any relevant sporting goods stores.

SOG Salute Mini ReviewSOG Salute Mini Review – The Specs

The SOG Salute Mini is a total of 7.1 inches when completely open. The blade is 3.1 inches in length. It weighs in at 3.6 oz.  Blade steel is 8Cr13MoV. The handle is made from G10. It has a pocket clip. This is a folding knife with assisted open. I rate SOG Salute Mini review as a big-time win for anyone who is interested in an economical and visually-appealing top quality EDC knife.

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SOG Salute Mini Blade Review

The Salute Mini comes relatively sharp out of the box, although, I admittedly sharpened it more upon arrival. It’s definitely good to go out of the box, however, I like to get as fine an edge as possible.

SOG Salute Mini

The Salute Mini’s lock back is secure and more comfortable to use than many other survival knives. You simply lock it back and then press a button on the end of the handle when you want to freely fold it up. When it is locked back, it feels tight. I wouldn’t hammer or pummel it by any means, however, it definitely feels like a sturdy lock back feature.

SOG Salute Mini Handle Review

The handle has that typical tactical SOG design to it. It looks sharp in both black and camo. I love the grip on it. It is made from G10 and the grip feels secure and firm to me. The steel liners run throughout the Salute Mini’s handle which adds to the feeling of security.

EDC survival knives

The SOG Salute Mini is a folding knife that has an assisted style open setup. The thumb stud is adjustable as a way to allow different hand sizes to open it with the use of one hand. The ability to open a folding knife with one hand is one of the make or break details when it comes to EDC knife quality. The SOG Salute Mini opens without real issue by either holding the stud or by simply gripping the open blade. Using the stud is a safer experience, however, I honestly find myself gripping the blade on mine more often than not.

You will see in the example below that I’m gripping the open blade but the adjustable stud is above my thumb. I find my way is easier than using the stud, which, might serve as a negative to the Salute Mini. However, I am careful not to judge too much on such subjective aspects. All of our hands are just built differently.

SOG Salute Mini

To be honest, it takes a little practice to really get a refined single hand open motion going. But if you are going to carry any EDC knife, you should be willing to practice opening it. I don’t enjoy spring assisted myself, I believe they offer too much risk versus reward. I’d rather take some time getting good at opening non spring assisted knives and spare myself the risks.

SOG Salute Mini Conclusion

I love this knife. For the price and what you get for it, its a great purchase. It works perfectly as an EDC knife. The compact tactical design makes it easy to conceal. The blade is sharp out of the box and the lock back is solid as a rock. Its one of my top EDC knives, however, many debate that I’ve added it to my list. The Salute Mini is a bit off the normal track in terms of top-ranking EDC knives. But hey, I love it, and this is my website, so you know : )

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