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Southern Charm Star’s Flu Shot Post Causes Outrage, Controversy

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Southern Charm Star’s Flu Shot Post Causes Outrage, Controversy

Cameran Eubanks, star of the hit reality show, Southern Charm, apologized to fans after posting a photo of herself getting a flu shot. Responding to a heavy amount of social media criticism, Eubanks said she didn’t mean to cause “such a fuss.”

“I just deleted a post that I made today about my belief in getting the flu shot,” 34-year-old Eubanks told her fans. “Never did I think it would cause such a fuss.”

“I’m sorry to all I offended who don’t believe in vaccinating themselves and their children. If you do not vaccinate I do not think you are stupid or wrong. We just disagree.”


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The flu shot push is on now that school is in session. But the majority of adults and kids tend to take a pass on the embattled vaccine. Last year’s flu shot results were controversial and most agreed, less than reliable.

But the CDC, citing 80,000 flu deaths, maintains its position that the flu shot remains the best way to prevent flu.

Many people believe that the reported consequences of the flu are an exaggeration-tool used to push flu shots.

Southern Charm Costars React To Flu Shot Debacle

Southern Charm costar Patricia Altschul made fun of Eubank’s flu shot critics with her own Instagram post.


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@caconover is right! I just had my flu shot and I can only walk backwards #southerncharm #medicine

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Craig Conover, the costar referred to by Altshcul in the video, once called the flu shot a “crazy government shot.”

Cameran Eubanks Breastfeeding Instagram Post

Eubanks is no stranger to social media controversy. She previously came under fire for making a controversial breastfeeding post.

“I am DONE with breastfeeding. Gave it a good almost 3 months and I am retiring the boobs. Writing this in hopes it will make other mothers feel less alone,” she said on Instagram.

Eubanks claims she will now add the subject of “vaccines” to her list of items she won’t discuss on social media. Religion and politics are the other two topics she currently avoids.

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