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Sprint Shuts Down 5G Tower Amid Ripon Elementary Parents’ Protest

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Sprint Shuts Down 5G Tower Amid Ripon Elementary Parents’ Protest

Sprint has shut down a 5G cell phone tower amid an outpouring of concerns over recent cancer cases. Ripon elementary school parents have long suspected that the tower is responsible for several cancer cases in students and staff. Ripon Unified School District confirmed that the tower is now turned off. Sprint will now look to relocate that 5G tower. Last March, many of these same parents accused the school district of accepting kickbacks in exchange for supporting 5G towers near the school.

All in all, three teachers and four students have been battling various cancers since 2016. Two preschool-age children have been diagnosed with a malignant tumor and leukemia. Another family claims that their 22-year-old son who attended the school had a brain tumor surgically removed.

“I think it is admirable,” Monica Ferrulli, a Ripon parent who has long fought Sprint’s 5G tower, said to the Modesto Bee. “I was actually very hopeful at first but after going to school district meetings I had lost a lot of hope. We have eliminated one factor that could cause the students to be unsafe.”

A number of studies have concluded that electromagnetic fields, most prominently 5G network radio waves, can cause cancer. You can read out 5G health risk guide for more information and links to studies.

Both the school district and Sprint claim the 5G tower met all safety standards.

Ripon Unified released the following statement regarding the matter:

“Sprint has turned off the cell tower at Weston Elementary School and is moving forward with leasing, permitting and deploying a new site.”

The announcement highlights the deep divide over new 5G technology and its potential benefits and side effects for society. Politicians are pushing for 5G technology because they fear the United States could fall behind in the global technology race. In California, the FCC removed public notice requirements as a way to expedite 5G tower builds. In Rhode Island, 5G networks are popping up on street lights and lamp poles.

Recently, officials for the Glastonbury music festival announced it will use 5G networks for attendees. But the announcement drew more critics than supporters. Switzerland officials claim they will now monitor 5G effects and make public their findings.

5G network technology is undoubtedly becoming a new social battleground.

Author: Jim Satney

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