St. Martin Under Civil War Conditions, According To Residents

st martin civil war

One of the main reasons for prepping isn’t just because you need to survive a catastrophic weather event, it is also because you will need to survive the chaos that may ensue following the event. Because many weather catastrophes, such as hurricanes and earthquakes, tend to destroy people’s means to food and water, civil unrest is always a functioning possibility. Some citizens are claiming that 1000s, rather than 10, are now dead. This is why I always say have your post disaster plan ready, like what is outlined in our how to survive a hurricane guide.

Some St. Martin citizens are reporting that following Hurricane Irma’s devastating landfall on their island, civil unrest has erupted and the island is now nearly in civil war conditions. The allegations claim that gangs, seemingly organized, are breaking into homes and businesses. They are supposedly armed with machetes (see, it isn’t always just guns, folks). Residents are now in fear of their lives. A French news source, Depeche, is claiming that some residents have hunkered down in their homes and done their best to secure them from potential invaders.

One resident of the Island took to video and now claims that there is way more deaths on the Island than the media is reporting.

“I’ve lived in St Martin for more than 20 years… No one fully realizes what’s going on right now – it’s the apocalypse here. The French government is doing nothing – they’re just going on TV, saying they are doing this or that but nothing is being done.”

“The police are not well trained…they haven’t lifted a finger to help us out of this mess. Stop showing us footage of destruction here – we know that already… come help us! We want to get out of St Martin! We cannot stay here! People are being killed! We pay our taxes and follow all the rules… Come get us! We cannot stay here! You have to evacuate the people that are here. We are part of France so get off your butts, stop talking rubbish on television – there are not 10 deaths, there are thousands of deaths! So get off your butts and come help us!”

Via: RCI: on Saturday that the situation is serious:

“It is now confirmed on the basis of several testimonies, that it is the biggest chaos in St-Martin on the security level. To the plundering are added many other facts much more serious, consequence of taking possession of the street and the districts by organized gangs.”

The news site reported that gangs of people armed with cutlasses and knives are patrolling the streets and women are at high risk of being attacked or raped.

The gangs are also pillaging homes believed to be abandoned.

“The population seems to be left to its own devices, obliged to organize itself as it can to defend itself against thieves,” Thierry Fundere reported.

Social media posts seem to be backing up the claim:

The Dutch Prime Minister stated that the “situation is serious.”

So why isn’t there more coverage over the matter? The mainstream media was very quick to stand out in “wind and rain” while covering the hurricane. It would seem appropriate to cover a matter of complete infrastructure destabilization. If St. Martin civil war is occurring, the world needs to know. Additionally, this should serve as a reminder to people in America that following catastrophic events, shortages in food and water can cause common people to become violent savages. Always have a way to protect yourself.

Author: Jim Satney

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