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Stephen Paddock Visited The Middle East As ISIS Doubles Down

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Stephen Paddock Visited The Middle East As ISIS Doubles Down

  • ISIS doubles down on their claims Paddock worked on behalf of their terror network
  • New claim suggest Paddock visited Middle East
  • Vegas police desperate, place billboards asking for help
  • Mysterious charger adds fuel to ‘multiple shooter’ conspiracy

Las Vegas police are claiming that they are “confident” that Stephen Paddock was the only shooter in the Las Vegas massacre. They claim that Paddock acted alone when he shot from a suite at Mandalay Bay into a crowd of exposed concert goers. Kevin McMahill, who is Undersheriff for the Las Vegas police department, also said that they are certain no one else was in the room prior to the terrifying events taking place.

But not everyone is convinced. Many people on social media claim that Vegas residents are suspicious that not all the details are being relayed. At a minimum, many people feel that there had to be another shooter. Social media posts point to Las Vegas cabbies posting videos of the shooting whereas it sounds as though there are multiple guns involved. Critics of the evidence cite unpredictable sound as a justification for what does sound like multiple shooters. Some claim that the gunfire is echoing off of other large structures causing replicated sounds that are being interpreted as another shooter. Others say that the sound of bullets breaking the sound barrier could cause this effect. And then there is Paddock switching guns and shooting angles via those two different windows that could have manipulated sound.

At this juncture, those who believe another shooter was present are being labeled as “conspiracy theorists.”

A new piece of evidence has many rehashing the logistics. A phone charger was found in Paddock’s room (or some type of charger). But the charger didn’t match any of Paddock’s devices (at the time). However, Las Vegas police have changed their tune in the matter, claiming that the unmatched charger does match one of Paddock’s devices, they aren’t, however, telling us which device.

‘We’re very confident there was not another shooter in that room,’ said McMahill

‘What we cannot confirm is whether anybody else knew about this incident before he carried it out.’

Though the police are maintaining a position of extreme confidence, such confidence feels a bit contradicted by the fact that police are now using billboards in the Vegas area to ask for help in solving the case.

‘There are still a number of people out there that know that something looked out of place,’ said McMahill

‘Someone may have been acting suspiciously that night, or in the years prior, the months prior. Someone that may have seen something or knows something.’

Let’s take a breath, shall we? The Vegas shooting is one of the most covered mass shootings in our history. The news has cycled this story at nearly 24-hour increments. One has to imagine that living in Vegas amplifies the awareness of the events. Would people really need to be pleaded with using billboards as a way to encourage more disclosure? If someone knows something and haven’t mentioned it by now, one might think that person is intentionally not disclosing evidence for various reasons or motivations. I’m not sure that the sudden erecting of a billboard would help to encourage or remind.

Vegas police claim they are having difficulty determining a motive, which they say is normally one of the easier pieces of the puzzle. Usually, notes are left behind, or social media tracks make certain suggestions. With Paddock, there is some belief that he was a Hillary supporter and a major Anti-Trumper, as well as a supporter of George Soros. But mainstream media claims this isn’t true.

ISIS is refusing to back down on claims that Paddock carried out the killings on behalf of their extreme Islamic movement. And things get stranger from there.

ISIS rarely claims attacks that they have little or no involvement with. And now, further legitimizing the potential that ISIS is being authentic with their claims is a new report that claims Paddock had visited the Middle East recently (within the last year).

According to The Sun.

VEGAS killer Stephen Paddock visited the Middle East on a cruise within the last year, a police source has said.

The anonymous official confirmed the gunman had traveled on a dozen voyages over the past few years – one of which was to the region.

I realize that I risk being called a conspiracy theorist, but none of this adds up. ISIS doesn’t just toss out false claims and people don’t just shoot up concerts for no good reason. Additionally, Paddock, according to his brother, had no military background and didn’t even love guns.

So why did he have so many guns and how was he so incredibly successful at committing this heinous act? And why is ISIS staying the path with their claims and risking their reputation?

If this case has been politicized (and it has), officials may not want to publically cite any Islam connections in this matter. As it stands, a white man who owned guns killed a lot of people because “he owned guns.” The table is set for gun law legislation and any indication of Islamic extremist involvement certainly shifts attention and reduces legislative leverage Liberals feel they hold.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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