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Steve Wozniak Warns ‘Get Off Facebook’

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Steve Wozniak Warns ‘Get Off Facebook’

If you’re worried about your privacy when it comes to social media, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak thinks you might be right in your concern. The 68-year-old is now warning people to ditch Facebook.

“There are many different kinds of people, and [for] some, the benefits of Facebook are worth the loss of privacy,” Wozniak told TMZ. “But to many like myself, my recommendation is — to most people — is you should figure out a way to get off Facebook.”

If that’s not an option, Wozniak recommends that Facebook competitors raise the standard for privacy controls.

“People think they have a level of privacy they don’t. Why don’t they give me a choice?” Wozniak tells TMZ. “Let me pay a certain amount, and you’ll keep my data more secure and private than everybody else handing it to advertisers.”

Wozniak deleted his Facebook account last year. He claimed the Facebook experience was more negative than positive, a sentiment commonly echoed around the web.

“Users provide every detail of their life to Facebook and … Facebook makes a lot of advertising money off this,” he said in USA Today last April. “The profits are all based on the user’s info, but the users get none of the profits back.”

Wozniak also takes issue with Amazon’s Alexa, warning that all devices now pose a threat to our privacy and security.

“I don’t think we can stop it, though. But everything about you… I mean, they can measure your heartbeat with lasers now, they can listen to you with a lot of devices. Who knows if my cellphone’s listening right now. Alexa has already been in the news a lot, ” Wozniak said.

Many people have moved to the social media platform, MeWe, as concerns over Facebook’s handling of private data continues to swell. The problem is, few take the initiative to make the ultimate exodus from the world’s most popular social media network. Most likely this is a result of people’s discomfort with changing habits or fear of losing a decade’s worth of memories. Additionally, many people have businesses built around Facebook, making it less likely they’d be willing to sign off for good.

There is no doubt that the heat is on regarding big tech and it’s handling of private data. Apple commonly attempts to align itself with the side of consumers when it calls out big tech rivals for their mishandling of private data. But the iPhone is hardly innocent when it comes to inappropriate use of personal information. The iPhone not only helps platforms such as Amazon and Facebook spy, but it’s a conduit for assisting in monopolies. If you aren’t in Apple’s app store, you don’t exist. Fewer options mean less likelihood that anyone leaves Facebook. With Facebook, 96% of its users are mobile users.

Statistic: Device usage of Facebook users worldwide as of January 2019 | Statista

That’s an astounding number of mobile users and it shows just how difficult it would be for any platform to challenge Facebook without at least an app store listing. Apple’s iPhone controls 41% of the market.
Statistic: Subscriber share held by smartphone operating systems in the United States from 2012 to 2019 | Statista

Unlike Google’s Android operating system, Apple IOS is a closed and highly regulated store. If they don’t like an app, they’ll shut off access to the app for all IOS users.

Additionally, Facebook is built inside of Apple IOS. When you buy a new iPhone, part of the steps is setting up your Facebook and Google accounts inside the operating system. This means those apps have broader reach, including with notifications, across the iPhone.

So no, Apple’s hardly innocent in any of this despite Apple CEO Tim Cook’s frequent criticisms of big tech.

Today’s privacy challenges are a difficult solve, however, it’s clear that competition would certainly inspire change. People want improved privacy, so there is no doubt that social media marketing that includes more extensive protections will prosper. In the end, it’s up to the masses to revolt and ditch their big tech accounts and inspire the change they want to see. Until then, it all remains.

Author: Jim Satney

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