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400,000 People Intend To ‘Storm Area 51’ In September

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400,000 People Intend To ‘Storm Area 51’ In September

Nearly a half a million people plan to “storm” area 51 in late September, according to a new Facebook event. The Facebook event, titled appropriately, Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us, has 410,000 signed up to participate. That’s double what the event’s attendees totaled just two days ago. The event is set to take place at 3 a.m. on Sept. 20. The attendees hope to finally “see them aliens.”

Attendees will meet with alien hunters near one of the most secretive U.S. Airbases in the world before embarking on a journey they hope reveals the truth behind Area 51.

Jackson Barnes, a vocal leader in the “storm Area 51” movement, put together a mock strategy that has been shared over 22,000 times.

storm area 51 strategy

Most understand the page is merely a joke, which is a rational conclusion given the Area 51 storm strategy. However, it isn’t clear that all followers are in on the joke. Area 51, known as Homey Airport, is as controversial as any location in the world. It’s considered officially as a detachment of Edwards Air Force Base. Others refer to it as Paradise Ranch and/or Dreamland.

area 51 view

aerial view of area 51 / groom lake from the sky.

All activities taking place on the base are considered classified. People have long hoped to discover the true activities on the base. But the government’s secretive and protective nature of the base has prevented such revelations. Most believe the base is used to create innovative military aircrafts. All activities that occur on Area 51 are considered top secret and sensitive compartmented information (TS/SCI). The CIA admitted to the existence of Area 51 in 2005 for the first time. They also declassified some documents that regard its history.

area 51 warning signs

Area 51 is a restricted area, but that hasn’t stopped tourists from standing afar over the years.

Area 51 Conspiracies

The CIA began Area 51’s journey into enigma in 1955. It was originally intended to be a testing site for secretive military aircrafts. It’s located in the southern portion of the state of Nevada.

The base has no shortage of conspiracy theories surrounding it. The possible flight testing atmosphere has caused many to believe they saw UFOs. Others believe that UFOs use the base for landing and transport. The area garners thousands of tourists every year hoping to catch a glimpse of mysterious ongoings.

One popular theory is that area 51 houses crashed alien vehicles. Another theory is that Area 51 is a centralized weather control, or geoengineering, command center. With geoengineering agendas on the rise, it’s likely this theory will gain more support in the upcoming years.

Area 51 Lawsuit

In 1994, five civilian contractors filed a lawsuit against the United States Air Force claiming to have been exposed to dangerous chemicals at the Area 51 site. They claim that the chemicals were lit on fire in ditches located on the premises. A medical examination showed that the civilians possessed accelerated levels of the chemicals trichloroethylene, dibenzofuran, and dioxin.

The lawsuit alleged that the individuals experienced liver and skin issues, as well as breathing problems, due to the burning chemical exposures.

The government petitioned the presiding judge in the case to disallow declassification of specific Area 51 documents. Then-President Bill Clinton overrode the judge’s decision, causing the case to fall flat do to lack of evidence.

Author: Jim Satney

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