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Storm Chaser Gets Dramatic Footage Of a Flash Flood In Utah

Flash Flood Weather

Storm Chaser Gets Dramatic Footage Of a Flash Flood In Utah

One of the most dangerous weather phenomena on earth is the flash flood. In fact, we have an entire flash flood survival guide dedicated to all things flash flood.

Often times, people camping or hiking in sunny, arid regions, become victims of “unexpected” flash flooding. This happens when rain in another area flows downward into an area that isn’t experiencing any sort of precipitation.

Accuweather meteorologist and renowned tornado chaser, Reed Timmer, makes a daring flash flood chase in Utah. People die annually from both unsuspecting flash floods and attempting to gain a closer perspective to a flash flood. It isn’t the type of work an inexperienced or uninformed person should go into. Timmer and his crew are experienced and educated in the field.

All the same, this is risky business. Check out the flash flood as it carries pine cones and stones and debris and overtakes a previously dry plot of land.

Do not try this yourself, it likely won’t end well.

Very cool, yet very dangerous stuff. Mother nature is an amazing thing, no doubt about it.

Author: Jim Satney

PrepForThat’s Editor and lead writer for political, survival, and weather categories.

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